Friday, September 23, 2005

Dexa Scan

   I got my dexa scan today to measure my bone density.  I expected it to be great because of all my exercising, but it wasn't.  Compared to 2 years ago my back has gotten alot worse and my hips are slightly worse.  They said my back is bad enough that a fall could result in a fracture.  Guess I can't crash my bike!  I am suppose to take 1800 mg of calcium a day and he hopes with my increased execise that we should see some improvement in 2 years.  I hope so.  I have calcium supplements but wasn't very good about taking them.  Guess that will change.  He said my back is worse then they usually see in woman my age, but it can improve so that is another goal I will work on.  All these reminders that I am getting older.  2 years ago it had only been a few months since I went through menopause after my surgery.  You do lose more bone after menopause.

  The kids are out visiting the other side of the family and we went to the store to get healthy snacks and food to have around. 


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skkaa5 said...

You've been doing alot of work on your journal since the last time I checked it.  Your grandbabies are adorable!!!  I also like your turtle charm.  Where did you get all the different charms for your bracelet?  That is such a good idea!  Did you have to pay for the ticker thing?  I think I went on a site and you had to register for something to get it.  Your journal is so cool.