Tuesday, September 13, 2005

AAARRRGGGHHH, I hate my swimsuit

  I really love my water aerobics class, its my favorite form of exercise, but I hate, hate, hate, my swimsuit and I hate looking for a swimsuit.  They are all hideous if your a large woman with large breasts.  They never make the cups large enough, the bottom cut modestly enough, the front high enough.  I could make a fortune designing well fitting modest swimsuits for mature overweight women to work out in.  All I want is a decent coverup that doesn't float all around me like the dresses do, that I don't jump out of like the low cut ones or out of the bottom like the tankini.  I also want it to be cheap enough I could buy more then one a year and have it last longer then 10 lessons.  90 to 100 for a swimming suit, you have got to be nuts.  If I can't solve this problem with my suits or get into a smaller size soon I will have to give up my class.  I will be so bummed out if my insurance doesn't cover my breast reduction.  That would be half the battle.

   Anyway I didn't go to class.  I got ready and made the huge mistake of looking in the mirror and just couldn't do it.  I will have to go to curves today instead.  I ordered 2 more suits.  I pray they work. Below is a picture that speaks alot.  This is what exercise gives you.  See the difference is 5 pounds of fat compared to the same 5 pounds in muscle?  Work striving for isn't it.

   Later in the day......  We went for a bike ride and did 7 miles.  I was going 16 mph at one point.  I love riding my bike.

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