Monday, September 12, 2005

Ate too much

  I did pretty good with my plan today, but it still seems like I ate to much and I am miserable.  For breakfast I had an oatmeal breakfast bar.  Not really good but I was in a hurry to go and workout because I had a hair appointment this morning.  Did 45 minutes at curves and came in third in the contest for inches lost.  Cool!  Got my hair trimmed and then just downed a slim fast and some celery with low fat peanut butter. 

   I had a busy expensive day today.  Went and bought a washer, dryer, and freezer today.  Since I paid cash they took off $150.00 from the total which helped alot.  I can't wait to get them as we have been laundry at his mothers.  Now he has to finish the back porch so we can get them delivered. 

  For supper I grilled some chicken in the George Foreman, I melted low fat pepperjack cheese on it and had it on a lowfat bun with low fat mayo.  I made pierogies with sauted onions in lite olive oil and low fat sour cream and had some mixed veggies.  It only comes to about 1180 for the day but I feel really bloated.  I guess I am not use to eating bread.  My husband bought it and since he went to so much trouble finding heart healthy low fat buns I had to eat one, but would have prefered it without the bun.  I do think it was really really sweet that he did that though.  He has been so supportive in this.  He continues to lose weight and inches and is really looking good.  From the looks he is getting from other women, maybe to good, LOL

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