Saturday, September 3, 2005


  It is just so sad how everything is going in New Orleans.  I can't help wonder why more people weren't prepared!  They had days to get ready and leave.  Why hadn't they evacuated?  Why didn't they have water and food stored?  Why wasn't the city more prepared for a disaster like this when they knew one large hurricaine could wipe them out?  Why has it taken so long to help these poor people.  Are they even going to the other small towns to help those people whose towns have been wiped off the map? What are they going to do with the contaminated water in New Orleans when they get the levee repaired.  Will it be pumped back into the gulf with all its contaminates? What land fill will be big enough for all the debris. How will people live with the shame of some of the victims butality and greed.  How can that trash live with themselves knowing their actions delayed help for so many?  Last but not least, is the American Red Cross finally using the millions of dollars they got after 9/11 and said they were saving for the next big disaster?

  The effects of this is going to be so long term.  Displaced people are flooding into Texas who is unprepared for the long term problem of suddenly getting this many people.  What about school for the children, jobs for the homeless, homes for the homeless!  The poor may be in Texas to stay!

  I am still going through closets to get clothes and am going to work some extra so I can send some money.  I just am so saddened and wish there was more I could do.

Whine of the day.  The bad side of human nature.

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