Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Grandkids are Coming

  They were suppose to be here at 12:30 but of course the dry spell has broken and their flight was delayed due to bad weather in Minneapolis.  I just talked to him and they are in a lay-over for 3 hours.  Sounds very scary with 2 young kids.  Thats why parents should be young.  I can't wait to see them.  It has been 4 months!  I probably won't get much chance to update while they are here, but I do plan on going to curves.  Also tomorrow I get my Dexa scan.  I am expecting to see great improvement with my bones because of the exercising I am doing.

  Will I am back on my blood pressure med.  Last week it started creeping up and then shot up to 178/102 and stayed there.  I had so much edema in my legs and the pills always helped with that so back on them I went.  My doctor will just shake her head.  I am always doing my own thing.  I think that is why I lost so much weight this week, most of it was fluid as my ankles and feet look better then they have for awhile.  My blood pressure right now is still 152/102 so it will take awhile for the pills to kick back in.  I wonder why it is up again.  All the stress?  Work has been a killer but I have been doing my meditation and am getting better at my Tai Chi.  I have been doing Tai Chi for seniors and have never been graceful so it is a challenge for me.

  I am making low fat chicken and dumplings for supper tonight and I made sugar free pudding for treats for the kids.  I bet they won't even know it is sugar free if I don't tell them.  This is one you actually cook so it is hard to tell and I have low fat whipped cream and more fresh strawberries for on top.  Really pretty.  Gabe really pretty much will eat anything put in front of him, but Mackenzie eats like a bird.  I have lots of fresh grapes and fruit around.  No candy or cookies, but Mackenzie and I will make brownies like we always did together.  I won't have any though as we throw in extra chocolate and chips so it was really decadent.

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