Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today is my Birthday

  It's my birthday today.  51 years on this earth.  It seems hard to believe I'm that old.  Unless I look in a mirror or my arthritis is acting up I don't feel that old.  I feel pretty good these days actually since I have been exercising so much.  I can feel muscles in my arms and legs that were dorment last year.  I just hope it isn't too little, too late.   We are going on another bike ride today back out to Adams Reserve and I hope Dan, my son, will go along.  He is a big bike rider and this will probably seem pretty tame to him but I think he will like it.  For supper we are going to Sweet Fanny's and I am going to have the Walleye.  It is so yummy and comes with a huge pile of steamed brocoli.  No beer though and I think I am going to give it up.  I bet I would lose faster if I didn't have a couple of beers 2 times a week.  Maybe not though.  I feel like I am about to go down a few pounds.  It seems when I do a different exercise I don't lose for awhile as it is turned into muscle and then all of a sudden, boom 2 or 3 pounds gone.  Today I weighed 98.1 kg which sounds much better that way.  I started out at 110 kg so this is much better sounding.

     I got my new freezer yesterday and I am hoping I get my new monitor today.



robynmac said...

Believe me, Julie, it's not "too little, too late." You're doing great, getting healthier and happier. I love your blog. You write so well and so descriptively. And I must say that I really like you. I've come to think of you as a very good friend.

skkaa5 said...

Hi Julie....Haven't been on your journal in a while.  It's pretty neat.  I wish I could ride a bige, but I might make the tires go flat at my weight.  By the way what the heck is a Walleye?  I'm thinking it's some kind of steak, but I'm not too sure.