Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chlorine, Yik

   I just got back from 2 hours of water aerobics.  I felt stiff the first hour but had worked out the kinks by the 2nd hour and the hot tub felt great.  Came home, showered and took a nice swig of coffee and almost spit it out.  It tastes just like chlorine.  After being in the water that long you soak it in your pores.  I can't believe it is healthy.  I showered at the gym and then again when I got home, but I still reek of chlorine.  The girls at work have said they can smell it on me hours later.  That is with 2 showers and perfume.  Pretty strong stuff.

   I weighed right before my shower and am now 213.2.  So close to being down 30 pounds.  In my challenge I was committed to losing 40 pounds and didn't make it but must admit to being pretty darned pleased with 30.  The new Fall challenge is starting and I committed to 20 pounds.  That is more realistic, but I hope I don't slack off.  Really at this point nothing can stop me now.  I am so ingrained with my new eating habits.

  2 more days and I will be hugging my grandchildren again.  I have missed them more then words can say.   Below are pictures of Mackenzie and Gabe.


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