Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Scary moment on our bike ride

   We just got back from another bike ride.  My muscles were objecting the entire time.  About 3 miles into the ride I started getting palpitations in my heart and some chest heaviness.  I rested abit and rode some more and it came back along with some chest pain.  So here we are 4 miles into the trails by the river and I am worried I may be having a heart attack.  I am going to add some aspirin to my pack from now on.  We rested again and my husband was getting pretty nervous I tell you.  Then we started on and went slow and easy.  No racing today.  We got to the part where we could cut the ride short and did today.  I wonder if it was to much the water aerobics and the ride when I didn't do as much exercises this week.  Finally much to my relief we made it to the car.  After about 20 minutes everything settled down again but it still feels like my heart is going to start fluttering.  Guess I will take it easy the rest of the day.  Old age raises its ugly head again.

  I feel better about my Dexta Scan now after reading this site. http://www.susanlovemd.com/community/flashes/hotflash020901.htm

  I won't worry anymore and by following the lifestyle I am I should be OK.

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