Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Wednesday Weigh in for the Winter Weight loss Challenge

  Well my official weigh in today was a maintain for the week.  The pound I was up yesterday is gone but I am no lower.  To top it off I am having heel pain for the last 3 days and think I may be getting Plantar fasciitis from increasing my time on the treadmill in addition to walking.  I found a great site on the web that tells how to tape your food and various stretching exercises I will do.  I am taking the day off from the gym.    I have my zip up pants on today.  For some reason I always feel slimmer in them and I want to feel like I have made some headway, even if I haven't. 

  I bought some canadian bacon from the store getting ready for starting phase 1 next week.  I still am not sure though.  I have had so much success with the way I am doing it when I do it correctly.  I need to bounce my calories around more like I did in the beginning.  I had a system that worked pretty good.  1500 calories 3 days, 1800 to 2000 2 days, 1100 2 days and then start all over again.  And about once a month I would just not count calories at all.  I have not been counting my calories or journaling my food on slim fast like I need to.  Why am I slacking?  I think alot of it has to do with meeting my goal of being healthier.  I need to remind myself I have lot more weight to lose.  I no longer remember how it felt to be 45 pounds heavier so I am not as gung ho. 

   OK, now that I know the reasons next is the fix.  Right now I am going to and write down my food and I will do it everyday.  I will get back on plan.


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dacarson893 said...

I'm glad that pound ended up coming off to give you a maintain for the week.  Those gains when you're trying to "follow the rules" are really frustrating!

When was the last time you replaced your work-out sneakers?  I have read that an "average weight" woman who jogs is supposed to replace her sneakers every 500 miles.  I have been trying to do every 200 miles or so since I'm so very much heavier than average.  That could be it.  Maybe you just need new sneaks.

If you're apprehensive about P1, there's no reason you can't continue doing what you're doing, just making it more SB friendly.  Like ditching the white potatoes and bringing in sweet potatoes.  No more Ramen noodles but have whole wheat pasta instead.  One of the reasons I felt comfortable moving to SB was because I had already begin doing a lot of that stuff on LA Weight Loss.  I could eat a whole, large diameter tortilla if I bought whole wheat and oat bran tortillas instead of only 1/2 of a small fajita style tortilla made with white flour.  Couldn't eat bread at all on LAWL unless it was 100 cals or less per serving.  I found this great flaxseed bread that's 100 cals for two slices!  I realized that I had already been eliminating those "bad" carbs.  Although, I have gotten hooked on those Quaker multi-grain "rice" cakes even though they have two SB illegal ingredients.  They just taste too good!

I'll bet if you went through your past food journals and highlighted the foods that aren't SB legal, you could easily find substitutions for what you have there.