Thursday, February 16, 2006



 Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  Darn.  Don't get me wrong, it's so pretty but it's cold, when it melts when you live on a gravel road it's muddy.  Did I mention it is cold!  2 days ago I had my light jacket on.  Now it is back to my winter jacket.

  Yesterday.  I had a billiant idea.  Lets go to all flea markets in town and I can get the cookbook at one of them.  We hit 3 flea markets and 2 goodwells.  I got 2 sweaters and a nice peice of Floraline McCoy pottery for a dollar!  Now isn't this a lovely piece.  Look at the glazing and this has a heft to it common of McCoy.  Warm earth colors this is just pretty.  Love good pottery and very affordable.  The floraline is starting to become more collectable I thinkb because of its nice crisp lines and heavy glazing. What is great is that you can still pick it up for a reasonable price.

    I am trying to think of what to make for supper tonight.  With the snow a chili sounds really good to me but when I mentioned it to my husband I didn't get much feedback so I am not sure.  I have fish and ground turkey on hand so my choices are limited.  He also bought some cabbage rolls but I am not sure what is in them. I am afraid it is white rice.  He could eat it with Dan and I'll have more soup.  For some reason my soup, while good, was weird.  I soaked the beans all night and then cooked them on low in the crock pot for 9 hours and they were firm.  Not hard, just firm.  Weird.  The soup was good though and very pretty.  I blew it last night and had a cookie.  I am getting tired of the same things for snacks and with my income right now it is limited what I can make.  I tried the ricotta dessert and it was gaggy.  Does anyone really like it?  I might try the peanut butter cookies.  I can limit myself to one without any problems.

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dacarson893 said...

Have you tried the black bean brownies yet?  Let me see if I can dig up a recipe.  I'm not sure where I put it.  They were actually very good.  One recipe I saw used maple syrup instead of sugar so I tried maple flavor sugar-free pancake syrup instead of granular artificial sweetener because I don't like the taste of Splenda after it's been heated.  The maple flavor was a little strange.  When I make them again I will use one of the Whey-low products.  They were nice for a little sweet dessert at the end of the day.

This pottery piece is lovely!  I adore shapes like that.  And what a great deal!

No matter what I do, if I use dried beans in anything they are very firm.  I am doing something wrong, I just don't know what!  Sometimes, if I decide far in advance I'm going to use beans for something, I will buy canned beans and soak them in distilled water.  They say humans aren't supposed to drink distilled water because it zaps the sodium and other nutrients out of your body.  For that reason I always defrost shrimp or other shellfish in distilled water to take out some sodium.  I figure it probably works the same way with the beans!  Of course, it probably leaches nutrients out, too.  But at least I have soft beans!

One thing that I used to do when I needed a chocolate fix was to dip the very end of a butter knife into some natural PB then use some of that aerosol chocolate whipped cream and squirt a little tiny amount on top of the PB and slowly enjoy it like an ice cream.  The longest I could drag it out was about 30 seconds, but it was enough.  There is sugar in the chocolate flavored aerosol whipped cream, though.  Maybe use the sugar-free one and squirt a tiny dot of sugar-free Hershey's syrup on top?