Thursday, February 9, 2006

Thurday Morning


  I was up early because the dog decided to bark at some grass blowing or who knows what outside.  Nothing anyone could see but her.  Tired, tired but I never can go to sleep again when I am up.  I weighed again but no change from yesterday, what was I thinking.   As often as I was up last night and the night before I know most of it is water weight I am losing.  I didn't think I would have much to lose after being on plan for so long. 

  I believe with all diets if you follow them you will lose weight.  The trouble is when you stop the diet if you have not learned how to eat right, it comes back and each time it comes back it is harder to get off, boy do I know that.  So I don't want to South Beach forever.  I haven't looked much at the Phase 3 part, maybe it is close or the same as what I am doing with a little less cheating, lol.   A plan like South beach though is a good way to get my motivation going again.  I was slacking. 

   I don't like how much sodium I am getting on this diet, but also don't think it is accurate what I am writing down.  I put down the info on the nutritional label but with the beans you rinse them getting rid of lots of salt, I use low sodium products when I can and that isn't always taken into consideration when you use a predetermined chart.  I do seem to be right around 1450 daily in phase 1 now that I am doing it correctly.  Your not suppose to count calories, but I am.  I need to make sure I am not getting too low.

    Breakfast today will be 2 veggie quiches, 2 strips of turkey bacon, V8 and 4 oz of no fat milk, Lunch will be left over stir fry chicken from the fajitas, a large salad and some left over cauliflower.  Supper.  I found a recipe for spinach stuffed salmon steaks and I have everything it calls for so I will make that with wild rice for the guys and some type of veggie, plus another large salad.  It is so good I love salads and veggies.  Is it time for phase 2 yet?

    Didn't get to the gym today.  My husband got home late and then wasn't feeling well.  I was going to go and then found out our local pound has a golden retriever in.  The pound doesn't keep them long so I called the rescue and went down to see him.  Lovely big old boy.  I wish my dog was friendlier with other dogs as that big old guy would be coming home with me.  Hopefully the rescue will come get him and give him a chance.  I told them to let me know.  If they can't get him I may go get him anyway and just separate the dogs until they get used to each other.  He could be put down any time.

   Had the salmon today, yummy.  I need to get back to work, money is very tight.  It would help it hubby worked but that is another journal.  My incisions are looking good and I may call the doctor next week and return early.

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dacarson893 said...

I'm sorry you ended up waking so early.  I'm like that too.  Sometimes I can read for awhile lying in bed and my eyes will get sleepy, but it doesn't always work like that.

I have trouble understanding what makes P3, P3.  I mean, when I look at the cookbook recipes I see that a recipe is a P3 recipe but I can't figure out what makes it P3 and not P2.  Sometimes I wish I had joined the SB website but it seems dumb to spend more money after buying all of the SB books!

The sodium bothered me, too.  I went from a plan where you couldn't eat anything that came from a can and could only have one or two frozen entrees per week to something like SB.  How about cooking dried beans?  No sodium in those.

If you weren't having cauliflower, I may just have invited myself over for your SB meals!  LOL  What kind of dressing do you like on your salad?  I found a recipe for bleu cheese dressing that I adapted to make SB legal and it actually has fewer cals, less fat that the T. Marzetti's brand of chunky light bleu cheese I usually buy.  Plus there's no sugar in the homemade.

Is it time for P2 yet.  heheh  That's funny!  =)

Do you have the carb withdrawl headache yet?  That was a killer!!!  I got it on day three and it lasted until day 7.  One solid headache for four days.

Keep us posted on the dog situation!  If I didn't live in a tiny apartment I would probably be what they call a hoarder.  I would never be able to go to a shelter and come home with just one dog!