Thursday, February 2, 2006

Surgical complications

       Well yesterday it was 3 weeks since my surgery and I thought everything was going along fine.  I was just sitting there reading and felt some pain under my right breast, check it out, and my incision opened up and has some draining.  I have an area under my left breast that feels the same way and I am afraid it will open up also.  Now I am feeling so guilty and worried about the working out I have been doing.  I really have been careful I thought and in my sports bra I had no movement at all.  I see the doctor in an hour and find out how bad it is since  I still have some steri strips on.  I will be kicking myself the whole time and my husband is mad at me for overdoing it once again.  Sigh.

  So obviously I won't be going to the gym today and probably not for awhile.  I am just going to have a slim fast for breakfast.

   Well today was the day they drug the groundhog and drag it out of its home to see if winter is going to end soon, literally scaring the poop out of the poor animal.  More winter is predicted in the time honored superstitious tradition.  Goody.

                Back from the doctors,  I have a small open area and some irritation on the incision line on the right.  The skin is red and warm so back on antibiotics and bacitracin oint.  It wasn't as bad as I feared but she mentioned it this didn't work she would have to admit me for IV therapy, Yikes that would hurt the budget.  No work until the incisions are closed.  Then got home to problems with my disability check.  They now say they never got the information from the doctor.  I did get a check but they said something about overpayment?  This whole thing is so bogus.  Why they changed it I will never know but what a hassle.


sugarsweet056 said...

OMG!!!! Sweetie, please take good care of yourself & take it easy for several weeks. DON'T RUSH! Let your body heal. I'll be thinking of you & praying for you!

midwestvintage said...

  Thanks Sugar,  the doctor did say my going to the gym and using the treadmill didn't cause this.  She thinks my skin is just sensitive to the steri strips.  I am hoping it heals quickly.

dacarson893 said...

I'm sure it was very reassuring that the doctor said this didn't come from working out!  Did she say why the incision opened, though?

Poor groundhog.  I've never been fond of traditions that aren't fun for everyone involved.

I'm so sorry about the problems with your disability check!  My Mom and I were talking about something sort of similar the other day.  I'm trying to set up medical transport for my aunt and there's SO MUCH WORK to go through Medicaid!  We're confused, really.  The whole reason there's so much paperwork to fill out is so that they can cut down on fraud.  But wouldn't it be much easier to detect fraud if there wasn't so much paperwork?  I hope your disability problems get solved, soon!