Saturday, February 25, 2006

Busy, Busy

   I am going to be working all day again on getting my consignment china listed.  Yesterday I had a class for 3 hours and then went out with some friends from work.  My eating was horrible.  I am going to do better all weekend.  I have really been blowing it all week.  Just can't get in the groove again.  I need to get a cookbook and plan meals for the entire week.  Rick is going to cook them.  I have been insistant and he will.  I can not believe how hard it is to find one of those cookbooks in this town.  We have looked at every walmart.  I have checked used book stores, they don't even have the one I want at Barnes and Noble.  I keep getting outbid on ebay because I am gone when the sale ends.  Sigh.

    It is so weird.  I am so happy I am losing weight and looking better.  You would think it would keep me on the straight and narrow with my efforts but I have been cheating right and left this week.  I think because I have been so busy it is just easier to grab something rather then plan it out.  My check was late so I don't have any healthy snacks hanging around and I have to make some quiches again so I have something easy to heat for breakfast as I run out the door.  My water has also been terrible as when I am running around so much I hate to drink alot of water as it goes right through me.  Since my bladder surgeries when I have to go I have to go.


rjtrix said...

I can really empathize with your struggle.  I think after awhile of "dieting" (I know we hate that word, but anytime we have to think so much about food that seems to be the only word that applies!!!) we just can't take the mental work of it anymore.  And for those of us with food "issues", it will a lifetime obsession, no matter where the scale happens to be at the moment:  happy when we're losing, sabatoging ourselves, miserable when we're gaining.

I was thinking it seems like you started having a hard time when you started SB.  Even with all your time off from work you seemed ok and able to plan.  Maybe you should go back to what you were doing before since it was really working for you.  I think that plans that eliminate or severely restrict a whole group of foods aren't realistic and we end up cranky, resentful, and rebellious.  Just an idea...  

You'll get back on've worked so hard and you've got your new girls who need a new body to match!!!  I'm behind you all the way, 100%.  Julie, RN in Fla.

rjtrix said...

PS....go online to and treat yourself to the cookbook you want.  They very often have used copies available of just about everything.  It may be a little more money but think of all the gas $$ driving all around town!!!  So go aheah, treat yourself, you deserve it...and if it will help you be successful and reach your goal, then all the more reason to do it!!!  Julie, RN in Fla.

midwestvintage said...

 I think your right.  Since I started South Beach I have been having trouble.  I don't know why but it became to much like dieting and I always failed at dieting before.  With my plan when I did have something off plan I counted it in and made adjustments.  With SB I just felt like I failed which set me up.  I did like how much I lost but know it was water.  I like the foods and would like to cook that way most of the time but I liked my rice cakes and ramen noodles.  It worked for me even if it was slow.  I also will try Amazon.  I keep forgetting about them.  Thanks Julie

dacarson893 said...

Now I'm seriously feeling guilty about that cookbook.  I'm sorry, Julie!  Just dash me off an email if you want me to go get it and I'll go first thing Wednesday!  (Keep in mind my "first thing" is around 3 pm!)

I hate to push medication on people, but have you looked into those different medications made for people with over-active bladders?  I don't know exactly what your situation is, or even if this would be a good thing for you, but I thought I would suggest it.  My 41 yr. old non-mobile aunt with MS is on one of them because she's incontinent and my 82 yr. old grandmother takes care of her.  Since my grandmother won't consent to home health aides coming more than twice each day, that's an awful lot of diapers for my grandmother to change!  This medication has cut that number of diapers in half since Annie has been taking it.