Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 7

   Today is day 7.  I haven't lost any weight in a couple of days and am thinking about moving on to phase 2 early.  Quite a few people thought I could probably skip one since I have been eating pretty healthy for so long.  I want to get a feel for phase 2 before Rick is responsible for cooking my meals. 

    I just have a bad feeling he is going to continue to make the things he is comfortable making and heck with the  plan I am on.  He is lazy that way.  He likes trying new recipes and will help me make them, but wouldn't spend the time looking through recipes to find something that sounds good.  If my money situation was better I would buy all the things I need to make the meals while I work so all he would have to do is throw it together. As it is I am having a really hard time affording this with my income cut in half.  It will take me about a month to recover.  I am also not sure how well this work with my night to day switching.  Obviously I am not going to wake up at 4 pm and have a breakfast while they eat something else.  Soon my son is going to 3 to 2 am shifts so I won't have to worry about cooking for him.  That should help alot.  So I think I will go back to my plan but with some of the SB things in place.  Always use wheat noodles, more bean dishes, I don't usually use sugar or white flour so that won't be hard.  Brown rice.  The quiches are good so I will continue to make them and can use them at work for a meal.  I always eat lots of salads since my plan so will continue with that.  It will just cause less strain along the way.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to live alone, I would be lonely though.

   My cold still is dragging me down today but I woke up with blood all over my bra from a scab falling off and my breast is sore.  I want to workout so took some tylenol and if I feel better this afternoon I will go.  I have to go to the hospital to pay my insurance.  That should leave me about $45.00 until Thursday when I get my next check.  I don't want to get into my savings until I really have too.

   I am kicking myself for being to lazy to get some items listed on ebay.  I can still do it this week.  The money will help.

    My wonderful granddaughters 5th birthday is tomorrow.  This is the first birthday she has had that I've missed.  I am so sad they moved.

    My counter is almost at a 1000 again so I suppose it will reset once again.  I tried re-setting it without any luck.  I guess I will just count how many times it has hit 1000 and started over.  I think it is about 5 times now but the first time I believe it was up over 2000 before it went back to zero. Darn AOL

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dacarson893 said...

My counter does the same thing.  Every time I pass any mark that ends un three zeros, I have to manually fix it!  Such a pain!

I hope that things get easier for you with the food situation.  That's supposed to be the beauty of SB.  That everyone in the house can do it with you and not feel like they are dieting.

When it comes to food, I do "live alone."  My boyfriend won't really eat what I ate and he's never hungry when I am.  The only time we eat together is when we go out somewhere.  You're right.  Being on my own for food makes things so much easier.  But sometimes I would like a little company while I pick at my little dish of Brussels sprouts or my plate of pseudo meatloaf made with ground turkey, mayo, and some parm cheese.

I'm so sorry that you were unable to be with your grand-daughter on such a special birthday!  {{{JULIE}}}

I hope the Tylenol helped!