Sunday, February 5, 2006

South Beach in the morning

  I am excited and nervous about starting this in the morning.  Excited because I hope it starts my weight going down again, nervous because it is a DIET which I said I would never do again.  However,  I am up 2 pounds!  I said I would never gain any of this weight back either.  I need to get back into the mode and thinking.  I think staying home has been bad for me.  It is so easy to slip back into bad habits.  Also I am depressed because my incisions, which look better this morning, aren't healed.  I wonder how soon I can go back to work.  I still am not doing the type if lifting that will be required when I go back.  How will that be?  Still it is improved and I can stand to wear a bra again so that is good.

   I have been making a menu for the next few days.  I do better with a plan.  My husband is still complaining about it but he will live.  It would be so much easier if I only had to cook for myself.  I showed him again all the things that are allowed on phase 1 and just because I won't be eating any potato's or bread or fruit doesn't mean he can't. 

    For supper tonight I am making ravioli tonight since I have leftover spagetti sauce from supper last night.  It was yummy.  I am getting my pasta fix in since I won't be having any for awhile.  I have a pasta maker and think I will start making wheat pasta for when  I get to phase 2 or is it 3.  I have one apple left which I am going to have for my snack today and I am going to have popcorn tonight as I can't have that either for awhile.  I will miss my dry popcorn.  Also if things still look good tomorrow I am going to the gym.  Thats my plan.  Can I stick to it?  Why after 9 months am I faultering.  Depression because I have only lost 45, whoops now 43 pounds.  I thought it would fall off faster and if I am honest it would have if I had stayed exactly on my plan.


Frankly I could really care less and have never watched a football game on TV but my son loves the steelers and lives there so I am happy he is so happy.  He called and it sounded like the whole city was going nuts with joy.


rjtrix said...

Hey!  Don't be so hard on yourself!!!  No one can stay "exactly" on plan.  Look at what you have accomplished so far....And you are paying attention to what's going're not letting yourself go back in the other direction again.

Good luck on the new plan (won't call it a "diet" either!!!)  Giving up carbs can be rough at first, but after a week or so the cravings will calm down.  Yes, it can be hard when you live with others who can eat whatever they want.  I live alone so I just don't bring foods into the house that I know I have trouble with or have a hard time controlling.  Ice cream woud be my biggest downfall if I bought it.

So take care of yourself.  You are an inspiration and I think you're doing GREAT!!!

midwestvintage said...

 Thank you for your kind comments.  I am determined to not go back to where I was.  I feel so much better.   I know that sometimes it is just laziness on my part to not think all the time about what to eat.  I swear I am more obcessed with food now then I ever was.  Hopefully this will be the jump start  I need.  
   I had thought I would be at goal by a year but I had better get busy if I want to lose the rest by June.  I am not exactly sure though what my goal will be.  More then my doctor suggested but still way low for me.

dacarson893 said...

If you can get it, whole wheat pastry flour has a texture that's similar to white flour so you might want to start with that if you're going to try to get skeptics to eat what you're making on P2 and P3!  I used some to make a Polish dish that's kind of like ravioli.  (Nope, not talking about pierogi!  These are called ushka and they have pureed mushrooms inside.)  They came out very well!  Perfect texture and not at all chewy like regular whole wheat dough would have been.

I'm sorry you're up 2 lbs!  {{{HUG}}}

Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry you're feeling bad about the "only" with your WL!  I am right there with you!  I lost 54 lbs. in about 6 months and then BANG, had to have my fill of holiday treats between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Back up there and last time I W'd In I was only down 29 lbs!  I know exactly how you feel!  I have been trying so hard to concentrate on how far I have come and how great I feel but it's so tough when I think about where I SHOULD have been at this point!  My 1 yr anniversary will be April 22 (which is also my 6 yr anniversary with my boyfriend!) and I KNOW I won't be anywhere near 100 lbs. lost by then!  {{sigh}}

Okay, we have to concentrate on just being healthy!  Got it?  We can do this, Julie!