Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to work tonight

   I see the doctor today and then work tonight.  Whaaaaa.  I wish I had won the lottery.  I have enjoyed the life of leisure and could happily stay home everyday.  Now I see why my husband does it.  The problem is one of us has to earn a living.  Sigh.

   I spend all day yesterday getting my consignment sale going.  I had to go get the items, take pictures and list them. So far I just have the first set of china and the fostoria listed.  That took me an entire day.  I ate crappy yesterday.  No lunch and then when I finally go home Rick made chicken and noodles using wheat noodles.  That was good.  Bad habits though, no veggie at all yesterday.  I have to make up for it today.  It will be rough at work tonight.  I am not used to staying up all night.  I have been forcing myself to stay awake until after midnight but I can't seem to sleep past 7.  By the time I get to bed the next time I will have been up at least 25 hours.  I only have to work today and tomorrow and then I will be off  until next Thursday.  I am going to try and pick up an extra day each pay period.  I will need it to pay off this hospital bill.

   Well, I have to get ready for the doctors.  I am going to eat on plan.  Danielle, if you find that cookbook cheap let me know.

   I am official released to return to work and the good news is I can start my water aerobics again.  I think I will go to Fridays class.  I have really missed it.  I finally got up the courage to weight today and see what my lapse has cost me.  Thankfully no gain.  No loss but I am back on plan and will see if I can change that.  I have some black bean soup for work tonight along with a large salad with tuna.  I bought some veggie chips that are new in the store.  Low fat, low sodium, low carbs, no sugar.  Good oils.  Interesting.  They will probably taste like crap!

   Well I have to list more items.  I still haven't got most of the jewelry listed plus I have a whole basement of pottery I need to get listed.  Now that I am feeling up to doing to this I am back to work.  Oh well, one boxat a time. Check out my store.  I have been lax about adding things but slowly will get there.



rjtrix said...

Good Luck at work tonight.  Take it slow (if that's possible!!!)  And congrats on NOT GAINING!!!  That's a gift in and of itself.  

dacarson893 said...

Hi!  I'm here!  =)  I'm sorry you were waiting on me!  I usually only get to do journals once each week or so and I'm a little late.  My grocery store does have the first SB cookbook for $5.99.  It's rather beat up.  Cookbooks naturally get beat up in my house (my copy already has EVOO stains on some of the pages and a smear of tomato on the table of contents!) so I'm not sure if that's an issue for you.  Let me know and I'll pick it up Wednesday if you want.

I hope that work went okay the for the night you posted this entry!