Friday, February 10, 2006

Day 5

   OK I am tired of trying to think of what to eat.  I am tired of doing all the cooking, I am tired of eggs, bacon, lettuce, spinach, V8, and just about every other vegetable I am allowed.  I am tired of spending more time looking in cookbooks for something tasty to eat then working out at the gym.  I am tired of getting up every 2 hours during the night to pee!  I look in the mirror and I have green spinach between my teeth.  Whine, WHINE, WHINE. 

   Ok, all done.  Really getting bored silly with this whole thing, but I said I would do it so I will.  How does anyone make it through this stage?  They must be stronger then me.  What is funny, maybe not since he quit doing any of the cooking, is my husband is now totally behind the diet.  "What gourmet meal are we having tonight dear"?  "We have been eating like royalty all week".  "This is alot tastier then I thought it would be".  Of course he is still getting a nice bread with his meal, candy bars, rice, did I mention pasta?  My son also is very happy about the whole thing.  I sit there every night starving at 7pm and missing my popcorn like a long lost lover.  My husband sits there with his giant snicker bar.  Now that never used to bother me because I have never had much of a sweet tooth, but I almost grabbed it out of his hand and stuffed it in my mouth last night.  Of course I had a lovely bowl of SF peach jello, oh yah, so fulfilling, so tasty, so satisfying AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH.  NOW I KNOW WHY I SAID I WOULD NEVER DIET AGAIN.  IT MAKES ME CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Gee, this post is deteriorating really fast.  I had better get my positive hat on as Mr. Roberts used to say.  (gag) 

   On the menu this morning.  For you sir, this lovely healthy and thoughtfully cooked spinach omelet with a side of low fat and healthy turkey bacon.  You sir may have a full glass of tasty, sweet, fresh squeezed orange juice to wash it down with.  You my lady may have either a nice glass of water or some yummy no fat milk.  Oh gee, let me think, milk please.  Now for supper what should I have?  Will it be green?  My,( pardon me for grossing anyone out),stools are now green.  I think I have a green tint to my eyes.  I long for beets.  Anyway, huge salad for lunch with grilled southwestern chicken cut up on top.

   Supper, no idea.  I haven't had time yet to look through the cookbook for our next lovely gourmet meal.  I tell you, my husband had better get me a valentine card this year or it could be grounds for murder.

   I am going to get dressed and go to the gym.  I wish they had a punching bag.  Man oh man do I need a long meditation session.

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dacarson893 said...

Julie, you are completely cracking me up!!!  I know that you're having a hard time and I'm sorry I'm laughing, but your sarcasm is so funny!

=)  I'm so sorry that you're so bored with this.  Oh my, 9 more days!  {{ducking as you throw a punch at me for reminding you of that.}}

I just peeked at my food journal to see what I ate during P1.  I don't think I can help you!  It seems like every day is "eggs, chicken, fish."  Or "eggs, tuna pouch, shrimp."  All 14 days are some variation.  Maybe a frittata instead of scrambled eggs, but still eggs none-the-less!  If you get to a point when you're no longer sick of eggs, egg salad spooned onto a few very long romaine leaves is pretty good.  But you have to make sure the guys eat their egg salad sandwiches in another room!

Don't forget, you can have 75 calories of sugar-free products each day.  I liked to have those SF chocolates but I would try to have just one or so (even if I could have had two) because of the carb content.  On the high end of the calorie range, Russell Stover SF Pecan Delights have 64 cals each.  On the low end, Reese's SF mini PB cups have 34 calories.

I always say that luck has nothing to do with WL but I'm wishing you luck that you get through this and that your hubby makes it out alive!