Thursday, February 16, 2006

Phase 2 early

  I am moving to Phase 2 early.  It is so upsetting to plan meals.  Everything my husband wants has rice or noodles and I am going nuts.  I haven't had any real cravings, but really am not happy doing this plan.  I think it is a good plan it is just causing me the same type of stress that always caused me to fail in the past.  My husband will make anything I tell him, but isn't really trying to find anything to cook that would be on my plan.  He bought cabbage rolls for tonight.  Pre-made by Hy Vee I have no idea what is in them.  He thought it would be good,  after all it has cabbage around it.  Does it have white rice or bread inside it also?  So then he said," well how about a veggie pizza since you have to eat so many veggies".  The thing is he really thinks he is trying.  Of course I can't get him to read the book or go through the recipes picking something out to cook.

    I will try phase 2 which is really close to how I was eating.  I will not have my ramen noodles, rice cakes and fruit cups.  We will switch to wheat noodles which I like and I will not go crazy with my husbands meal choices.  I will just eat small amounts and have lots of salad.  Why couldn't I be one of the lucky people who can eat like horses and not gain weight!  Now I am off to meditate,  then workout, go to the bank, store, and make who knows what for supper.

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dacarson893 said...

{{{{{JULIE}}}}}  You will be fine, sweetie!  I really think phase 1 is for people who are just starting a weight loss plan and need something major to shock their bodies.  It's for people who need to overcome all those cravings!  Everyone who told you that you could probably start with phase two, they probably know you pretty well.  =)

You're going to be fine!

Glumpki (Polish stuffed cabbage) is made with white rice, if that helps to give you more info.  Plus the way my grandmother does it, she uses canned tomato sauce.  She always buys the cheapest one and it usually has a lot of sugar in it.  I think I was always predestined to like foods that weren't good for me.  When we would have glumpki growing up, I would take the biggest ones there were in the dish(smaller cabbage to filling ratio!) and I would take off the cabbage!  Very strange that I have to limit myself to eating Brussels sprouts only once each day now!  Otherwise I would have them at every meal!

You will do just fine with phase two.  You were already pretty much eating like that anyway!  Maybe your library has the SB book on tape?  Would Rick listen to the tape?