Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day


      Happy Valentines Day

              I'm on a 45 day diet, so far I have lost 30 days!

    It is also my granddaughters birthday today.  She is 5.  This is the first birthday we haven't been able to share with her since they moved so far away.  I miss them so much.


    Yesterday I cheated and had beer.  Widmers.  Yummy.  I just really felt like one.  Back to the plan today though.

    I have fish for supper tonight and will have to find a great recipe for it.  Last night we grilled lean pork  and I had a huge pile of brocolli and V8.  My cold is still dragging me down.  I have gone through a box of tissue and show no signs of drying up. 

    Tonight we are going downtown to watch all the lovers.  This is the only time of year you see so many people holding hands.  We like to bet on which couple will hold hands.  Most of them do, cute.  They should do it all year long.  It's good for marriage.


   I can not believe the coverage over the VP accidentally shooting the lawyer while hunting.  What idiots,  must be a slow news day.  This is why I don't have TV.  They try to make a conspiracy over everything.  This is not news, this was an accident, get on with it.  Can you believe it is worth all these days of news!

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dacarson893 said...

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, Julie!  Even though I know it was so hard for you to be away from your sweet grand-daughter on her birthday.  Is this her picture?  She's sooo adorable!  I love that look on her face!  =)

Holding hands and cuddling!  Those are big in my book!  Nothing like some nice cuddling on the couch talking about what each of you did that day and making plans for the next day.  The physical contact is great.  Staying connected is even better!

I'm with you about the shooting accident!  Every time I saw it flash up on the Welcome screen on AOL I would just roll my eyes...again.  I guess it's true...if the media doesn't have any news they just embellish something else that has happened!