Monday, February 27, 2006

Great day

    We had a wonderful workout at the gym today.  I am slowly increasing my treadmill workout.  I read a study that said treadmill and the C3 rowing machine was the best overall workout.  Great, I like them the best.  Epilitical or whatever or however it is spelled is way down there because you don't work all your muscles.  I feel better about not using them.  I go to water aerobics tomorrow and can't wait.  I have really missed it.

   I was pretty busy today.  I have sold alot of the dishes and some jewelry overnight and have lots of questions on other items.  I am upset that an auction that is coming up is one I will miss because I have to work.  Lots of great pottery and some older fenton glass.  I am going to see if someone will trade me working day.  This is an auction that I don't want to miss.  One that if I spend 200 I could make 600 easily.

  I have been eating good today.  Shredded wheat for breakfast, large salad with water packed tuna and balsamic dressing,  brats for supper and another large salad.  Yum.  I have drank the water I was suppose to also.  I had a couple multigrain cakes also.  I don't care, I like them and they are a nice snack.

    I got a great original picture today,  Big and beautiful.

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dacarson893 said...

I can't stay away from those multi-grain cakes, either!!!  That was one of the things that put me back leaning more towards LAWL than SB!  Those darn cakes!  Especially drizzled with organic no-salt added PB!  I found a brand I LOVE made with valencia peanuts.  It's so sweet!

That's weird about the elliptical!  I came across a diagram the other day that showed which muscles get worked with that machine and it was pretty intensive.  Jeez.  I have a $500 piece of equipment now that doesn't do what it should!  Although I am getting cardio on it!!  I know it's not great for bones, though.  Since it's no-impact it's not a bone-bearing exercise machine.  So that will be great to get back outside in the spring.

WTG on selling so much stuff!  Congratulations!

Yum!  Brats sound fantastic!!!