Thursday, February 23, 2006

Body Image

  I wore my size 16 uniform pants last night and my v neck smaller top.  These were clothes I couldn't get into anymore last year.  They fit well, in fact the top is getting to big.  You lose weight so slowly, at least I do, I can convince myself I am still as huge as I have always been.  FAT, FAT, FAT!  I have gone from a 24 to a size 16 and I still feel so fat.  My co-workers noticed though.  They hadn't seen me in 6 weeks.  I had so many compliments,not just because my bust was smaller but because I am smaller all over.

   I had huge saddle bags.  You all know what fat ladies butts look like.  I hated mine.  Well now, although big my butt is tapered.  Waist going wider to butt and then to legs.  Used to be waist going to huge fat pads down to buttocks and then to legs.  It is hard to describe but if you're heavy you know what I mean.

   I went out today to mail my packages from my sales and wore my black pants.  Last month I was so thrilled that I could squeeze into them.  Now I am thinking they are too loose!  I don't think  have lost so much more weight but with my weight lifting and exercise I am sculpturing my body into a more feminine shape.  I like it.  I have so much farther to go but I am getting looks again.  You all know what looks I am talking about.  I am 51 years old and I am getting looks again.  It feels good.

   I have been really busy.  Not only do I have this big sale I have 3 referral sales that I will work on this weekend.  It is alot of work,  not the kind of money I get from nursing, but I love it.  I love old jewelry, glass, pottery and china.  This is fun.  I like making my customers money, I like making money and I like being this busy.   There is such a thrill to buying a treasure only you know what it is worth and re-selling it for 100% or more profit.  fun.

    I am off until next Thursday.  I plan on cooking south beach all week.


sugarsweet056 said...

Hi there...out in J-Land trying to make my way round! Can't stay long cause of my neck. Wanted to pop in & say hello. So proud of you! Good job! WOO HOO!

dacarson893 said...

Oh, yes, I know exactly what you mean about those huge fat pads!  It's like my butt has a butt on either side!  That's awesome that this will be disappearing!!

Congrats on the compliments from your co-workers!  I'll bet that felt great!  I'm so excited for you that you're getting those looks walking around in your loose black pants!  Will you be able to take those pants in?  Or won't it be worth it?

I also know exactly what you mean about buying stuff really cheap and making lots of money on it!  A couple years ago at a flea market I came across a box of glass rondels (the look like the bottoms of wine glasses) and the guy wanted $100 for the thirteen that were in the box.  Well, I snatched that right up!  Those babies are worth anywhere from $10 to $25 each depending on what color they are!  I haven't done anything with them yet...but I did "use" three of them in a pattern for a stained glass fireplace screen I designed!  Just don't have any room to build the screen yet!  The guy at the flea market, he looked at me like I was ripping him off (which I was!) as he said, "Well, I guess you know what those are," with a frown.  

I guess it would help you to cook SB if you had the SB cookbook, right?  {{sheepish grin}}