Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back to my Plan

   Well I finally got most of my items listed.  Wow is that time consuming.  I am glad it is done, now to just sell it.

   I started today to eat on my old plan again.  It worked for me.  I had shredded wheat with whey low sugar sub and no fat milk for breakfast, unsalted peanuts for snack.  I made Amy's organic Lentil soup for lunch and had 1 cup of it.  For my dessert I had a black raspberry low fat ice cream bar for only 90 calories.  We are grilling tonight and I am not sure what we will end up with.  I have to see what looks good.  I would love a steak but will see what the cost is.  I think we will have sweet potatoes also and some steamed veggie. 

  I have been so busy I haven't been to the gym for days so we are going tomorrow and I will do water aerobics Tuesday.  I feel so much more relaxed doing this the way I have been.  I really liked South beaches recipes and will continue to use them but I don't want to get that stressed about eating right.  I think all food should be allowed occasionally and am uncomfortable with any plan that bans them forever.  I like an occasional potato and don't feel like they are bad for me.  I do better counting calories.  So that is what I will do.  I also am finally drinking my water today.

   One set of dishes I listed sold within 20 minutes of hitting the store.  I wasn't sure if I was charging enough and must not have been as quickly as they were snatched up.  Oh well, the customer will be happy I sold them, the buyer will be happy they got them cheap, and I'll accept my tiny commission.

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dacarson893 said...

Okay, you don't need to cookbook now.  LOL  You day sounded pretty SB friendly!  The ice cream bar isn't, but we all need a little treat!  That's one of the reasons I, too, am back to following my "old" plan but bringing in SB where there's a choice.  Like, if I'm going to have a tortilla, I make it a whole wheat one.  I also bought some ice cream bars last night that are 100 cals each.  =)  I always figured with LA Weight Loss that when starches are 100 cals or less, they are LAWL legal!

Does your grocery store mark down meat items that are approaching their sell-by date?  I get awesome deals on steak, ground veal, veal cutlets, etc by doing this.  The meat counter usually closes to customers at 9 so around 10:30 or so right before all the meat department people go home, they re-weigh and re-sticker all the stuff that has a sell-by date of the next day or the day after.  Sometimes I even get stuff that's has a date three or four days in the future.  I have to either eat the stuff right away or freeze it right away, but it's really worth it!  I got one serving of beef tenderloin a few weeks ago for $6.99/lb ($2 for the serving) instead of $18.99/lb.

Bummer about not charging enough for the dishes!  I find that with my glass, sometimes.  Although the past two years it seems like I can't make my prices cheap enough!  This economy sucks!