Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better this Morning


        Stepped on the scale this morning and another 2 pounds gone making it 50!  Now I need to buy the charm.  I wanted to see if they could get it at the mall.  If I order it online I have to pay shipping also which will make my charm over 10.  The reason I chose charms was it was inexpensive.  I can't wait till Wed. our weight in day.  I am feeling better today.  Less cracky.  My cold is trying to come back again so I have to hit the Cold Snap which knocked it out the other day, or just made it lay dormant since it is back.

   I went to the gym yesterday.  Even working out is harder.  I don't have the energy which I hear is normal.  I had to force myself to do the 2 hours but I did.  My husband made hamburgers last night and I just had the meat.  We used the leanest meat we could get.  I had green beans with it and V8.  Jello for dessert.  I have a nice meal planned for tonight.  We also went to the store and I tried on 15 bra's and couldn't find one I like or that fit good.  I like the wide straps as I have slopy shoulders and they are hard to find.  I went down a band size with this additional weight loss but the cup sizes vary so much.  I want a good fitting one because now I want the shaping part of my recovery.  I will keep on looking.

   I don't think I will hit the gym today.  I feel pretty crappy right now with this cold.  I will do some sit ups and just chill.

  Breakfast will be veggie quiches and canadian bacon and V8.  Today is day 6, 8 more days to go. 

    We had been planning on going out Valentine's day as we find it funny to go to our favorite bar, pizza place, sit in a window seat and see how many couples are holding hands.  Any other time you see maybe one or two, but on this special day 7 out of 10 couples are holding hands.  We nake bets on which couple will hold hands when they get out of there car.  Sometimes the partner will rip their hand out of their mates.  Not a good sign.   The only thing is it a pizza or chicken bar.  There is nothing SB friendly on the menu.  Not even a salad I could eat as they only serve nacho salads.  I would cave if we go so we will have to miss this year I think.

   Well I bought 2 charms today.  They are perfect.  For my 50 pounds lost I got one that shows a doctors scale and you can have any number of weight loss put on.  I asked her about one for meditating and she had that also plus another really neat charm for losing weight.  I emailed her to see if I could add her link and if it OK it will be on the side under favorite sites.  I will save the meditating one for 60 pounds.

   I have supper cooking.  The cold I have been trying to not get all week is here.  I think I stopped the cold snap too soon.  I used it the first day and I felt good that night so didn't take anymore so now it is really here, chills, fever, running nose.  No loss of appetite though god forbid.   Me be unable to eat!

   My MIL hasn't seen me for 3 days and the first thing she said is your face is getting so skinny.  Nice.  I modeled my swimsuits for my husband.  The small ones I bought now fit and the really pretty one is way to large. Darn.  I also tried on my uniforms.  I haven't done that since surgery and they are huge on me.  Of course they are the same ones I was wearing 50 pounds ago so they were getting pretty big anyway but now since my reduction they look silly.  I can no longer wear my favorite shirt out of the house because I swim in it.  I wear it around here though as it is so warm.


sugarsweet056 said...

Was making my way around J-Land, & wanted to stop & say hi.
Hope your wkend is going good! :-)

dacarson893 said...

Congratulations on hitting 50 lbs, Julie!  I'm so happy for you!  That's wonderful!

I think the charms sound great, too!  

Is there a special meal that you and your husband can make together on Tuesday?  Me?  I want sushi!!!  Sushi!  Sushi!  Sushi!  Although someone gave me a tip.  A girlfriend told me that I should ask for them to make mine with 1/2 as much rice.  That would be great!  Since you're going to be good on Tuesday, I'll have a couple extra bites for you, okay?  {{wink}}

I'm sorry you wound up getting sick!!  Take it easy, sweetie!  Don't over-do it!