Friday, February 3, 2006



   Wow it was 60 yesterday and today 24 when I woke up.  What a change.  I am freezing.  Hurry up spring.

   I am feeling better today.  My incision looked very angry today when I first got up but after the shower and being up it looks slightly better.  No longer draining which is good.  It is a good thing probably that it is sore because I am so tempted to hit the gym.  I just want to walk and warm myself up.

  I had shredded wheat this morning with honey and nuts.  It is the same calories as the other plain but has slightly more sodium.  For lunch I made a wrap.  I have Danish sausages out thawing for supper and I plan on steaming a huge pile of broccoli to go with it. It will bum my son out but I love it.  I still have 2 apples left and some applesauce I want to get rid of by Monday when I start phase 1.  I am the only one in the family who seems to eat fruit.

  I am upset that all that pineapple I ate and drank for the last 3 weeks didn't prevent my incisions from opening up.  The doctor said it wasn't because of my working out which made me feel better.  She thinks I am sensitive to the steri strips.  Now I am mad at myself for not taking them off when they started to bother me so much.  Maybe my incision wouldn't have opened up.  After my shower I laid on my bed without a top on to let the air get to the incision and hopefully dry it out.

    I wish South Beach had an actual place I could go to to weight in like WW.  My insurance would cover it then.  I think if I had to go weight in front of people I would do better.  Cheat less often.  WW is to expensive for me even with my insurance paying for alot of it.

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dacarson893 said...

Have you ever heard of TOPS?  I think it's Take Off Pounds Sensibly.  One woman on the Healthy 100+ WL board (I'll email you the link, it doesn't want to "drag" into here) has been doing it very successfully with a program designed by her doctor.  A couple other women on the board are also going to join.  If I remember correctly, each chapter makes it's own rules for fees but the one woman there pays $1.50 per week (nope, that wasn't a typo!) and there's a "fee" of $.25 when you gain from the previous WI.  Here's the link for the TOPS organization if you want to see if they have this where you live.  This is the kind of accountability and support you mean, right?  A group of people, someone else weighing you once each week.  

That's too bad you're the only one eating fruit!  I wonder if it's a guy thing.  Same thing over here and at my parents house, my Dad eats fruit in the form of pie or fruit breads.  =)  Or maybe some jam on a PB sandwich!