Tuesday, February 7, 2006



  Weight today is down a pound.  I don't think it is due to the diet yet, I just bounce so much.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be down another pound so at least I will have a maintain with this weigh in.  

  I have my meal planned out except the dairy.  I guess I will pick up some plain yogurt.  Not my favorite but I did get some good idea's for eating it.  I re-added up my calories yesterday.  I had forgotten to add in the nuts which added quite abit more calories.  Still under 1200 but better.  I increased my breakfast today per suggestion so I had 2 vegetable quiches that I made yesterday.  They turned out really good.  4 pieces of Canadian bacon and 6 ounces of V8 with 1/4 tsp of olive oil in it.

  I have to see the doctor at 10:45 but will take my 20 nuts to snack on or will eat them before  I go.  For lunch I am cutting up some grilled chicken on my salad so will have a salad as mentioned and some steamed broccoli.  Eating this many vegetables will be difficult.  Not because I don't like them but it is a huge amount to eat at one sitting.  For supper  I am making chicken fajitas.  I can eat all the insides, black beans, large salad and more broccoli.  For my midmorning snack I will have another string cheese.  The problem last night was I was still hungry around 8 pm.  I get a snack at night, SF Jello so I will save that till later instead of right after dinner.  They have these deserts you can make with ricotta cheese but I have this thing about artificial sweeteners.  Yik and I don't think they are good for you.  Someone suggested Whey low and it sound goods.  I may order a small amount and see what it tastes like.  I don't use much sugar, never did, so it should last awhile. http://www.wheylow.com/products.htm

   I feel fine today.  This was the first time I used the Cold Snap at the beginning of my cold.  By last night already I felt better.  When I woke up my throat was scratchy, my nose ran, I had a low grade temp and ached all over.  By last night all gone.  Amazing,  I had heard good things about it but this seems to actually work.  Boy am I happy as I hate colds. http://www.ohco.com/cold_snap.html  When I read the description on the site I almost changed my mind but it had been highly recommended and for me it seems to have passed the test.  I found it cheaper then on the web site though.

    I have been visiting this site and learning as much as I can about SB.  http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2  I also joined all-recipes which is a good site as it give you the recipes for SB, will convert it for you to how many you have to feed, saves it to your recipe box and gives you a grocery list.  All for free. http://allrecipes.com/recipes/default.asp

   I am hoping I get the OK to go to the gym again.  I only have one little spot that is causing me problems now.  I also need to go back to work.  I hope I get good news today.  Well, that's all for now.  Gabby as usual.

    The doctor Ok'ed the gym and I can use some weight for my arms now also.  No work for 2 weeks unless I completely heal up.  Yippy, off to the gym.  I ate a huge salad with grilled chicken cut up and then we went.  Man I can't believe how slack I have been.  It was even hard to do the treadmill.  I did the treadmill for 1/2 hour and the weights for 2 hours making up for lost time.  I started out very low on my arm one and was pleased it didn't hurt much.  After that I did another 15 minutes on the treadmill and then my stretches and done.

  I never did get yogurt but drank the no fat milk and it was good.  I also didn't have a salad for supper as we had less then I though and I didn't get to the store.  This is pretty expensive.  So far I have eaten1450 calories.  I will have my SF jello later.

  Well I am off to rent a movie.  My muscles are sore but it feels so good to be working out again.

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dacarson893 said...

I forgot as I was leaving the last comment...before I forget now, can you tell me how to put your ticker in your entries?  I couldn't get it to work!  I just kept seeing that box with the little red X.

That's great that you are down a pound!

OH!  I just remembered!  You reminded me!  QUICHE!  I don't know if your supermarket will have it, but mine has this product called Pour-A-Quiche that's in the freezer section where the frozen pie crusts are.  If you make this without a crust, the 4-cheese one only has 200 calories per slice.  On P1 I liked to have that with a couple cups of veggie soup for a breakfast or a supper.  Really good!

The Whey-Low stuff is great.  The brown sugar and the maple sugar "mix" are my favorite.  I don't mix the maple sugar with water, though.  I just sprinkle it.  Really yummy on frozen fruit.  Around here, unless you LOVE apples, the fresh fruit tastes like wax this time of year and raspberries are too expensive for me to have three times each day.

I'm glad you got some good news at the doctor's!  I'm glad you're working out again with the weights.  I know how much you have missed that.  =)