Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday and I have a cold


 I mentioned earlier that I got some wonderful charms off ebay.  Just perfect for my 50 pounds lost and they even had a perfect one for meditating.  The store name is Charming Concepts and is managed by a single mother who is raising her daughter on the income.  If you like the charm idea and want to start or add to your own bracelet check out her store.  She really has something for everyone and could probably make it for you if you don't see it.

   I slept late today until 9:45.  I am really feeling the effects of this cold so will be taking it easy and the only exercise will be blowing my nose.  I had scrambled eggs, 2 turkey bacon and V8 this morning and my coffee.  I know he says only 2 cups but I am a coffee drinking so have had more then that.

   Yesterday my husband had a See's piece of candy, it looked wonderful, a dark chocolate mounds candy bar and then while I was eating my lovely SF jelly a huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce and some of my nuts!  Then he says, " All this exercise I have been doing and I haven't lost one pound, in fact I have gained 2".  Funny, the reason is right in front of him.  Fortunately he doesn't get fat.  A little thick around the middle but it goes away overnight if he watches what he eats.

   I feel so crappy I don't even want to eat.  What do you eat when you don't feel good.  No chicken and noodles on SB phase 1, no 7-up, no toast and tea.  The thought of a huge salad for lunch gives me chills.  I do have a lentil soup maybe I'll make.  I hope this darn cold passesquickly.  I am still taking the Cold Snap and won't skip on it now. If I can cut down on the duration of this I will be happy.  It could be worse, I could happen while I was at work the first week.

   I had the left over chicken and a glass of V8 for lunch.  That was all I could stand for now.  Lots of water though.  I have spent the last few hours reading the SB recipe site.  I can't wait until I get the Whey low to try some of the deserts.  I will probably wish I had bought more.  I have to ask them if it is sold in any stores.  They have a peanut butter cookie recipe, phase 1 friendly that sounds really good along with a mock pretzel jello to put on top of their cheesecake recipe.  Yummy.  This is going to be so terribly hard when I start work.  I work 12 hour nights, when will I get my meals prepared to bring to work?  Rick will make the recipes if I insist but he likes to make what he knows.  Wish I could afford a cook.  I will grill up some chicken breasts and make up some chili or stuff.  I should be on phase 2 by then.



skkaa5 said...

Julie, I know what you mean about the coffee......I have to have coffee.  I have to ask you....where do you get all of your cool pics for your journal....mine is so booring compared to yours.  

skkaa5 said...

I also forgot to add that you can have chicken and celery soup or some cabbage soup.....they were two of my low carb staples.  I have even shreded the cabbage so that it was kind of like noodles.  

dacarson893 said...

I hope you're feeling better by now, Julie!  I'm sorry you were sick!  I did the same thing when I first started SB!  I wonder if it's something about phase 1?  Maybe knocking all those carbs out or something makes us less able to handle whatever germs come along.

Hubby needs to eat his ice cream in the basement and lay off your special foods!  No fair that he's eating YOUR nuts if you can't eat HIS ice cream!!!

I seriously felt the same way when I got sick within a couple days of beginning phase 1.  All that appealed to me was oatmeal, cereal, and frozen pizza!  You are one strong woman to keep this up!!!  Good for you!!