Monday, February 6, 2006

Today is the day



     I am starting SB today.  For breakfast I will have an egg and canadian bacon with a glass of V8.  I woke up with a cold this morning.  Thanks goodness I still have some Cold Snap left so started popping a couple of them right away and hope I can chase it away guickly. Of course I am out of kleenex.  Sniff, sniff.

   The thing about eating healthy and following a diet is I find it is expensive to eat well.  If I could I would eat all organic.  I would be hitting out organic meat market and farmers market and I should still be putting in a large garden like I used to.  I used to have a huge garden and chickens running around for fresh eggs.  My family is to blame for me not doing it anymore.  I planted the garden, weeded the garden,  picked the food from the garden and served it.  I gathered the eggs.  If I was at work no one else grapped something from the garden for the meal they were cooking.  I got tired of the waste as I didn't have the room in the old house for a freezer and no help. The food was so much better though.  We have a huge problem with deer and I could never get corn to grow because of the raccoons.  The rabbits love beet leaves so never could get any of those to mature either.  Squash, beans, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, carrots, radishes, all the other wonderful things did great.  Maybe I will do it agan this year.  I think my husband would be more likely to use the garden and help then he did when he was working the entire time and his idea of a nutritious meal was fish and chips with cold slaw!

  Well, I had better get my breakfast made and start working on my water.  I have to pack up my granddaughters presents and get them sent out today also. 

   Later in the same day.  Right now I am hungry.  I miss my wholegrain cakes.  I guess I am not sure how much chicken or meat I am to be eating at a time.  2 cups vegetables is a whole lot of veggies.  I miss my fruit.  Whaaaa whaaaa.  Ok enough of that, had to get it out my system.

  I had an egg and 2 slices of canadian bacon plus 6 ounces of V8 for breakfast.  Snack was a low fat string cheese,  lunch, grilled chicken breast and lots of green beans.  Mid afternoon snack, 20 peanuts.  For supper I am making a chicken dish that is in the book, steaming cauliflower, and havng a large salad.  I am making steak fries for the guys.  I also made up some veggies egg cups and went shopping.  $100.00 and alot of the stuff they recommend we can't get in this town.  No laughing cow lite cheese spread, no low fat half and half, who can afford seafood?  I think my menu will be pretty boring.  I did however get a ton of chicken as they were having a sale.  How sick of chicken will I get.  I made some sugar free jello also.  I am set.  I am determined.

   I added up my total calories and it only adds up to 860!  That is way too low.  I must have done something wrong or not eaten enough.  I returned my book so I think I will have to get one.  The on line site is good and I thought I had it planned well.  No wonder I am sitting here very, very, very hungry.

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dacarson893 said...

AN egg? As in one little wee lonely egg? Are you limited with eggs by your doctor? If you're worried about the cholesterol, what about frozen egg substitute? Or get the egg whites. The whites (and tossing the yolks) are actually cheaper than the substitute. Also, add a little reduced fat shredded cheese on top of your eggSSSS as you're cooking THEM. {{wink}} If you can't get something like reduced fat cheddar, part-skim mozzarella is enough of a reduction in fat and calories that you can use it on SB.

Have you ever determined your caloric and nutrient needs?  How good are you with math? There's a little algebra involved in what I'm going to describe to you.  If you're uncomfortable with the math, let me know what the specs wind up being for each website and I'll give you a tally.

First go here and write down the total cals it recommends plus the number of cals from the carbs, protein, and fat categories.  If you know how to figure out what the percentage is for each of those categories, do that.

Then go here and figure out how many cals you REALLY should get. The first site is rather high in their estimate while this second site is really very close to what I was getting when I was losing those 54 lbs. in 6 months. Now use your percentages and figure out how many calories you should get for each category. Say your carbs wind up being 500 calories per day, then you divide that number by 4 (carbs and protein have 4 cals per gram, fat has 9) and that means you should get about 125 grams of carbs per day.

One of my favorite chicken recipes is to top an uncooked chicken breast with a mixture of mayo, parm cheese, and seasonings. When you switch to P2 you can add some soy bread crumbs to the mix.