Monday, April 9, 2007

Out of the mouths of Babes


           Good Morning everyone.  Hope you hall had a relaxing and revitalizing day.  I watched on the news at my MIL and saw the  little children digging though the snow looking for their Easter eggs in Ohio, how cute.  Glad we didn't get any of that white stuff though they are predicting it all week here.  I sure hope they are wrong.

          I decided I was being a terrible DIL by not planning anything for Easter dinner especially since it might be my MIL's last easter dinner.  So we went and bought a ham and I cooked ham, pototoes and green bean casserole plus a mile high apple pie.   So we had a nice dinner and spend the day visiting.

        I talked to my grandchildren and they are so cute.  They have talked to them about my MIL being sick so my grandson who is 2 1/2 had to discuss it with me.  He goes, " Gramma Betty isn't going to die because we are going to save her but her house is dying and we can't see it anymore,"  Well.......Ok Gabey.   My son explained that they had told him since Betty was a good woman and had been saved she would live on heaven and our memories even if we couldn't visit her at her home anymore.  That was how Gabe summed it up.  Have to admit it gave me some chuckles.  Its so simple and concrete to children.

   Work was good the other day.  The patients were sweet and the night went fast.  The money is really good on a holiday which will be nice since I missed a day.  I get double time plus an extra 8 hours of PTO.   That will be nice.

   Today we are going to my MIL.  I am going to clean the house and do some laundry since she has company coming Wednesday.  Then we are going over papers.  The lawyer will be coming over soon and we want everything written in black and white.  My BIL will historically cause a huge amount of trouble when the time comes and want it in stone how things will be handles and who gets what and where. We have decided we will probably move in there when she gets worse.  I will miss my computer.  Last time I moved my computer over there and I might again as I need it for my on line business.  Tomorrow we see the doctor and get the rest of the story.

     Analytical I find it interesting the way your body responds to stress.  I am guessing my week long headache was due to anticipation of the bad news I knew in my gut was coming.  Now I have a cold sore which I always get when I am sick or under stress.   My husband has completely lost his appetite, he's alot like his mother and I am having a terrible time keeping mine under control.   I went shopping and got all kind of low calorie snacking things on hand as I seem to snack when I am under stress.  So low fat yogurt, rice cakes, carrots, etc....   I sure miss my apples and oranges.  I am using the new toothpaste which seems to work great.

     My MIL is still doing all the wonderful things that drive us crazy sometimes and that I written about here.  Some things never change.  Now though we bite our tongue a little tighter.  She told my hubby she had called a friend of hers who also is very sick and in a home dying of cancer.  It is all over and in all her bones.  Betty was kind of upset her friend didn't seem more upset over Betty's news.  My hubby said, well what do you expect for God's sake, she is dying and on a huge amount of morphine for pain.  It isn't always about you Mom. 

   Seems mean, but you have to have lived with this woman for years to understand this.  With my MIL it was always about her.  When my FIL was dying is was all about her and now she is the star of this show.  Sounds mean, I don't mean it to.  Just this is how she is.  Now every sentence is, I can't do this because I am too weak.  It used to be,   I can't do this because I am old, or a poor widow, or cold or hot or tired, or any hundred other excuses.   But she IS weak.  This will be such a tiring time.

     I got a new sleeping pill from the doctor and slept a blessed 9 hours last night.  What a wonder that was.  I feel like a whole new woman.  Gee I should look in the mirror, maybe I am thin and beautiful?

    Well that is all the rambling on I will do.  I wanted to share this. Someone sent it to me yesterday and I thought is was too good to save until next year.



candlejmr said...

I know that this is going to be an extrememly stressful time for you.  Taking care of someone so sick always is.  Please know that you can always come here and vent, rant, yell, scream, cry....and we will all be here for you...ALWAYS!


lanurseprn said...

I don't think you sound mean at all. You sound realistic.  This is going to be really challenging time. You know that. For Rick especially.  I'm surprised to hear you say you'd move in with her. Why not move her in to your place?
Have a good day and good luck with the lawyer today.

inquestoftruth said...

Little Gabe made more sense than he knows.    Poor Betty.    Now, I guess it will be truly all about her, won't it?    Maybe the news at the dr. will be better than expected.    I really admire you, Julie.    God has special reward for folks like you.  Loved the obit of Jesus!  

rdautumnsage said...

(((Hugs))) an awful DIL, how dare you say that after everything you do for this woman...... Your a godsend , sweet beautiful soul!! Not only will you have to care for your MIL but your dear husband needs your support as well. I truly feel for you with everything you will have on your shoulders. I love Gabe's view of things. Children haven't been disillioned by life and instead of complicating what they know, they tend to keep it simple. I hope you do bring your computer to your MIL's when you move in. You will still need a forum for you hon. Somewhere you came come to scream, cry, rant and where all of us will be here to support you.
I'm keeping your family in my prayers on the smoke!! (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

you are a great DIL:) good luck in the coming months its going to be a long bending road. keeping you all in prayer


motoxmom72 said...

You are an amazing DIL!!!  Prayers going out to you and your family.

erarein63 said...

You are awfully stressed aren't you.  I'm so glad you got something that helped you sleep.  You sure have needed it.  You are a wonderful DIL!  Not very many people would do all that you do, heck, not even half what you do!  I love the obit of Jesus!  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, I'm glad you finally got some sleep.  Being a nurse, you had to know deep inside that something wasn't good at all with your MIL.  Finally, the headache is gone.  I don't know how you keep up with everything and still work.  Love the obit for Jesus.  Chris

innxdoor said...

I still say no matter what you say about your MIL it comes out so nice and is not harmful chatter :))))))) That makes a great deal of difference because us MIL's get into routines and sometimes it's hard to knock us off the track we are on. Your words are said very kindly tho, :) , but from my point of view all the things your MIL finds hard to do is only her way of saying she wants love and help from the family around her and the only thing she is not saying is "please give me some love and attention, I need it greatly" :)))))))))) Your a good lady :)))))))
It makes the world of difference to an old batty MIL like me to see someone being nice when they talk about DIL broke my heart many times when she spoke but she was throwing boulders at the time and I grew very tired of ducking.
God Bless you sweet lady and I hope all goes well at your end, a very Blessed day to you. :)))))))) Doreen

kirkbyj05 said...

You have such wonderful friends here in Jland Julie, and they are all there for you to fall back on any which way. They are all good listeners and faithful too.  So any time you want to let it all out....just do.   O.K?
You are a wonderful daughter-in-law.  Your MIL knows that ony too well.  And you are a 'Very Special Lady'.  
Take pleasure from life when you can along this road with her.  You are going to need that to top up your 'batteries'.

jlocorriere05 said...

We all know you aren't being mean about your MIL Julie. I can tell there's a lot of love behind your words about her. Kids can always see things so simply can't they, I love the child-like logic they come out with! I hope the snow stayed away, I'm so behind with alerts now, don't think I'm ever going to catch up! Jeannette xx