Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another rant and rave


   I thought the cute little Mickey would offset the angry words just a little.

   Went to my MIL's today and we decided to call my BIL to talk about when he is coming back and how we are going to handle affairs when my MIL passes away.  We found out she can give each of us something like $12,000  without it being taxable.  That will be put into an account to pay expenses until the house sells, then whats left divided.  Then we won't have to mess with the lawyer again.  We wanted to discuss with my BIL who has been strangely absent lately. 

    He was home but his roommate said he was in bed.  My MIL said we needed to talk to him and to please wake him up.   So my BIL said he would call back.  What!   Refuse to take a call from his dying mother after everything she has done for him! 

   So we wait thinking maybe he wanted to go the restroom, brush his teeth, get some coffee before he called.  Why he was in bed at 11:30 we don't know.  He never called back.  I just can not believe this. What is his problem?  My husband says now that he can't get anything out of her anymore he has no use for her.  I sure hope thats not true because that makes my opinion of him even lower.  I also worry he may have fallen off the wagon again.  Drinking or drugs.  She could always tell as could we and that may be why we can't get ahold of him.  Why does he have to make this difficult right now.  As if it isn't difficult enough already.  My poor MIL was so hurt.  Angry and hurt.  Would any of you refuse a call from your dying mother.  What kind of person does that?


lanurseprn said...

He sounds like a user and a very heartless person.  GAWD there's always someone in each family that is trouble it seems.  UGH!  I hope he doesn't cause too much grief for you guys.  I feel bad for your MIL.  

inquestoftruth said...

Hey Julie....  My guess is that BIL is scared to death.   He knows no one will ever love him like his mama.    You already know he's a coward, and a coward's way would be to bury his head in the sand.  I, too, bet he's off the wagon, which makes it worse for him to be able to face you guys.    I'm not making excuses for him, and I think it's deplorable that he would behave this way.   He probably thinks he can't help himself, and won't even try.    Julie, try to be patient with him.   His mom was probably his "rock" that he always could come back to.

jckfrstross said...

Julie i am so sorry for your MIL and you and your husband:( BIL is acting like a big baby. i agree he is drinking or using drugs more than likely. so sad i hope you can get this worked out before something happens


rdautumnsage said...

The kind of person that does that is a very ugly individual!! I knew I didn't like your BIL and now I know my feelings are definately justifiable! People like him are so empty and shallow they can't possibly care for another human being outside their own ignorant selfish needs! (Hugs) Hang in there hon! Your anger is most certainly understandable, I'm angry just thinking of the lout! Keeping your MIL in my prayers on the smoke!!  Indigo

linnpooh said...

Oh my gosh.....that's more than sad. Your poor MIL, bless her heart. I'll pray that he straightens his butt up soon so she can find comfort and peace in her last days on Earth.

Pooh Hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...

I saw Meg's comment.  I think the ostrich with the head in the sand may be one reason and thinking of being "orphaned" and loosing his source of cash probably has pushed him off the wagon.  Sorry you have to deal with such an oaf.  Chris