Saturday, April 7, 2007

Even the Robins are cold

   Feathers all fluffed out this male Robin just sat there while I walked by with the dog.  So back in the house to get a close up since he was being so obliging.  He sat there and let me take a few shots and just when I was worried someone was wrong with him since he let me get so close he took off.  Just warming up I guess.

    I work tonight.  Easter is my holiday to work.  I haven't planned a meal tomorrow, don't have a single decoration out, nothing nada.  Sure different then when the kids were here.  I did send the grandbabies a card and some money.

   Just going to do some running around today and then soak in a hot bath.  I am cold to my marrow.  Please let it warm up soon.

    The California gardener is out chopping down more trees.  I can't wait until he has them all down.  Sold both my old cars so have a little extra spending money and my yard looks less like a used car lot.  Good things.

   Well, everyone have a Blessed Easter.


jckfrstross said...

Have a Blessed Easter Julie i hope work goes easy on you


hibye60 said...

Wow! that picture of the robin is so clear and lifelife that I can almost hear it chirping :) Have a wonderful Easter.

radar446 said...

I'm the same way.  I have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow except for staying warm inside the house.  We just got in from running some errands, and that wind will cut right through you.  I bet the wind chill is in the low 30's if not 20's.


erarein63 said...

Love the picture of the robin.  I work this weekend as well.  We did Thursday & Friday night church services.  The Easter Bunny already went out shopping in anticipation of tomorrow morning.  Hope your shifts are good this weekend.  De ;)

rbrown6172 said...

beautiful pic of mr. robin!  :)  i'm sure it's warmer here than where you live, but it is toooooo cold after that wonderful introduction to the warmth of spring...why friday a week ago, it was 80 degrees and kids were in the creek!!

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful picture of the Robin hon! It's snowing here again, I'm so sick of snow......sigh!!! I feel the same way about my house. Nothing is going on here. I used to at the very least dye eggs even if it was just me. This year is an odd year.
Hope your Easter is filled with love and the peace you so richly deserve. (Hugs) Indigo

springangel235 said...

Beautiful photo of the robin...still cold here.  Don't over work...happy to see you will get to celebrate with dinner the next day...may you have a lovely day, both days...hugs and love,

jlocorriere05 said...

I love your robin, they're bigger than ours! He did seem to be posing for you. I hope the weather warms up for you and the sun shines again, it's not fun to be so cold this time of year. Have a great Easter! Jeannette xx  

rebuketheworld said...

Oh you should see the front of my parents yard. I think there is like 5 cars out there,lol. My dads addiction to finding a good deal.  Glad you have some extra. Hope you do something nice for yourself. ~Raven