Monday, April 16, 2007

Eagle Cam

    When you first go on the site it is totally black, but sit a second and the pictures show. 

This morning it was a rather graphic feeding time

 but still so interesting.  Yesterday it was raining and the tree and nest was swaying all over.  What a ride.

  Work was a bear all weekend.  We were so busy and I ran most of the shift.  The hospital is full all over.

    My MIL is alone again until tonight when another of her

nieces is coming.  Things are not going well. 

She is barely eating at all.  I am going to sleep a few hours

and then make some soups so she has some handy meals. 

Soups seem to go down OK.   I also want to bring some puddings.  I think at this rate we will have to be moving in

much sooner then I had thought and I told my husband yesterday I did not think his mother was going to make it

6 months if she was failing this fast.  I am starting to wonder

 if she will even make 6 weeks.  This is happening way too fast. 

    I can't get FMLA because she isn't a blood relative. 

If I miss too many days they will terminate me.  I hate to risk my job, but I can always get a job.  Nurses can always get a job.

   Well, I have to get some shut eye.  It will be a short sleep

day today and I will probably be asleep by 8 tonight. 

 Take care all.

P.S.  Anyone know why my entries are so stretched out.  What a

pain that is.  How can I fix it?


inquestoftruth said...

are you certain you can't get FMLA?   That is crazy!   What a spot you are in.  So unfair.    

madcobug said...

I am sorry that your MIl is going downhill so fast. Some where you have put in a picture or graphic that is to large is why your journal is so wide. You will have to figure out which one it is and reduce the size or remove it to get it fixed as it should be. My Easter graphic did that so I just removed it. I have had this happen several times until I caught on what was causing it. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I'm so sorry she's so sick so fast.  Are you absolutely sure you can't get FMLA??  Where did you hear that about being a blood relative?  There are spouses who take off to care for the other spouse, and it's not blood relative.  If nothing else you can take a personal leave of absence.  They usually grant 30 days of personal leave, don't they?

kirkbyj05 said...

I have tried to guess what FMLA is and think it must be to do with being paid home leave whilst a relative is terminally ill?  Isn't it wrong to discriminate like this?  When we marry we marry into each others family.  That should be enough when needing help at times like this.  
I'm so sorry Betty is going down hill fast Julie.  I pray she doesn't suffer any pain.  You are going to be so pre-occupied soon I wish you were able to have peace of mind about your job.  Let's hope it doesn't come to having to leave it although as you say...there are plenty of vacancies for nurses.   But its the friends you haave to leave and you had a great bunch of women on duty one night if I remember.
Don't forget to give yourself some TLC too.
My heartfelt wishes are being sent to you and your MIL.  God Bless.   Jeanie

innxdoor said...

hahaha yes talk about stretched out!!!! I had to put you on wide screen to read it's cuz you are STRESSED OUT! haha Well it sounds good huh?  I love reading your journals and actually get to send some well deserved energies out to people who need it and you are my focal point today :))) So I am adding my reiki energies together and sending you some just to keep you grounded and energised. :))))))) How do you like the snow? Amazing the storm we east coasters went thru huh? The wind is still going strong and I"m half afraid we may loose a tree here, if it falls someone is going to get a 100ft. pine thru a roof! Scarey!
Well I am proud of my older son fuz as he battled the winds and landscaped part of my front yard ..he is home on a heating pad today but come Saturday he is coming back for yard rip up #2! This time I get to help. :)))))))))Rest when you can Sweetie and big hugs from this old southern broad :)))))))) Doreen

rdautumnsage said...

I'm so sorry that your MIL seems to be fading so quickly. I hope your able to sort something out with work, as it stands you are definately overwhelmed with taking care of your MIL at the moment. I'm keeping her in my prayers on the smoke!!
(Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, that's a shame that the hospital won't recognize family leave for inlaws. I guest most places don't.  Pancreatic cancer is so vicious.  I hope she doesn't suffer much.  

Usually the borders on a journal extend from a graphic that is too large.  I don't see any that would cause that.  I know Shelly, Roxymama, is really good at figuring this stuff out.  Chris

erarein63 said...

So sorry your MIL is rapidly declining.  The same thing happened to my great-uncle.  Usually by the time a patient is diagnosed the pancreatic cancer is metastatic, but I don't need to tell you that.  So sorry your work won't give you MFLA.  Maybe they will be willing to give you a leave-of-absence regardless.  I know you like where you work.  Yes, nurses can always get jobs, but it's hard to start over, KWIM?  Hang in there.  (((((Hugs)))))  De ;)

rjet33 said...

I am sorry to hear about your MIL.  Prayers going up.  Thanks for visiting me.  You and I are close in age.  :-)  I want to lose 40-50 pounds, my class reunion is in August.



linnpooh said...

I'm sorry you can't get a family leave and so sorry to hear how quickly your MIL is losing ground.

Prayers continuing...

Pooh Hugs,