Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No snow


    They were predicting snow today, so far it is just lightly raining.  Good.  We have 2 more days they say it could snow.  I sure hope they are wrong every day.  I look at my poor plants, withered and brown from freezing.  My poppies look like they won't survive, my rhubarb either.    I have no idea how the lilacs will do.  I sure hope they perk up when it warms up.


     Looking outside this morning, cowbirds, a pair of cardinals, junco's, turkey, squirrel, deer, some black birds and a sparrow or two.  Further back a pair of morning doves.  Just need Thumper and some blue birds to complete the picture.


   Where they have been feeding all my grass is dead.  Rick throws some seed on the ground for the birds who like to eat there and it sure has messed up my lawn.  But you know what?  I like the animals better then the grass anyway.

          Yesterday wespent at my MIL going through her papers.  We were shocked to see she just has a small life insurance policy.  She would never talk about it before, just said there was enough to bury her.  Maybe 30 years ago, but I am not sure now.   She wanted to make sure we knew where everything was kept and who gets what.  I told her it would be nice if she gave the things to the people she loves now instead of waiting.  Then she could tell them why she wanted them to have it and what it means to her.  She thought that was a good idea.  Then she turned around and gave me her diamonds and some other rings.  I didn't mean that!  I meant the nieces and other family members.  So that was kind of awkward.  She remembered my diamond had gone down her drain when I was showering and that I didn't have one now.  So that was sweet.

    Today we see the cancer doctor.  We are dreading it and looking forward to it.  Dreading it because even though we were told it was bad he may tell us exactly how bad.  Looking forward to it to get more answers.  Like where the cancer started in the first place, how sure they are, if there is any treatment or hope and if not what do we do to make sure she is comfortable from day one.  I told Betty if it looks like there is no treatment options we will get hospice started right away.  Betty doesn't really want to do any chemo anyway unless it has a very good chance of cure.  So all these questions.  Will we get answers?  I hope so.  She started having stomach pain about 2 days ago and is nauseated again.

    Everyone stop by Joyce and lend some support.  Her mother is very ill.  Take care and I'll probably write about the doctors visit later.


innxdoor said...

It's been so long since I visited the journals and after reading yours I know I have missed quite alot. I am so sorry to hear your MIL is in such poor health, I am so sorry and I only hope things go better for all of you. I lost my father when he was only 57 and that is a hurt that sticks with me even 33 years later.
God Bless and sorry you are having so much pain in your family right now.

lanurseprn said...

At least you'll have her diamonds.  And then you and Rick can pass them onto who you want to have them next. That was nice of her.
Hope you find out lots of info today at the Doc.  Good luck.

radar446 said...

I do understand how awkward it can be when you are suggesting what to do with property.  I have been kind of going through that myself with my family.  My grandfather has been told by several of his bankers that he should start gifting some of his estate, otherwise the recipients will get eat up with taxes.  I agree with the bankers, but I have a very hard time telling him that because it will always come across as "Give me my stuff...now".  Of course, that is not the case, but I still hold my opinion and let him make his own choices.