Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Tuesday


           Tuesday already.  I have 2 more nights of work and then am off for my stretch.  And I am grateful for that.  We were very busy during the weekend.  I ran and ran, not enough to run some pounds off though.  So 2 more nights and then off.

     Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned and got the great news another tooth is cracked.  Better start saving up for that crown.  Also went and saw my MIL.  Another niece showed up and will stay until tomorrow morning.  I am glad someone is there.

    My husband had taken her grocery shopping early and that wore her out.  When I was there she was just looking exhausted.  She looks out of it mentally.  I feel so bad.  It is terrible to given the diagnoses of cancer and have any hope taken away at the same time.  She seems pretty matter of fact about it, but I am sure mentally she is suffering.  How could she not be.    She says she has had a good life and is looking forward to seeing my FIL again along with her sisters and brother and that is the thing I would be happy about also.  Seeing my mother and family and friends that have died so we can have us a nice visit.  Of course she is worried about having pain and told me she doesn't think she is going to last no 6 months either.  I have to agree.  I have gone from thinking about 6 months to a few weeks at this point.  A few short weeks.

    This has all happened so quickly.  Some things you want to go quickly.  Hurry up and get warmer, hurry up and get to the weekend, but sometimes you want time to slow down and just stop for awhile.

    Good things.  She is so matter of fact about it we can discuss it openly.   We are getting everything prepared now.  The funeral home is coming out at the end of the week as she wants to tell them exactly what she wants, LOL.  Stubborn woman.  We are also going to see her lawyer to make sure everything is in order.  And we are trying to get my BIL to come back.  

   He is in big time denial and thinks the longer he stays away the longer she will make it.  The social worker called him yesterday but I don't know if they got hold of him.  Lets get him here and get it over with.

    I have got to get ahold of myself also.  Using this as an excuse to eat and let my diet go out the window.  As my husband gets thinner and thinner from stress, I get bigger and bigger.  I am a stress eater.  Top it off with no exercise and the results are very depressing. 

    So I slapped myself mentally in the face this morning and told myself to snap out of it.  A binge eater will use any excuse, lol.   Back to the slim fast twice a day with a small supper.  Back to salads.  Back to getting on track.  Hopefully back on my bike as the weather is finally getting warmer.  I took a mile walk yesterday, not much I know,  but I hurt my back at work the other day and it is pretty sore so I was forcing myself.  I meditated this morning and focused on getting on track.  Got my water jug out so I can drink, drink, drink.  I will do this.

   Today I have yet another class.  Pacemakers now and then they are all done until next year.  I have to deliver a dog food sample at work and then go to my MIL's.  Work at 7.  Keep repeated 2 more nights, 2 more nights.

   Onthe eagle cam.  Did you see they are going to band the babies today?  I think its at 3 Eastern time.  I probably won't be here to see it but check it out if you are.  I saw both parents yesterday feeding the babies.  What a beautiful bird.



candlejmr said...

I am so sorry about your MIL.  Cancer is an awful disease and there are so many people, especially in JLand who are suffering from this devastating disease.  I hope you get through the next few days of work and then you get some rest!


lanurseprn said...

I feel so bad for your MIL and you guys.  What a tough time.  BIL needs a wake up call, that's for sure!
For some reason I can't see the Eagle Cam. It's only green for me.  No picture.  
Hope you have a good day.

madcobug said...

Sounds as if your BIL is going to wait until it's to late to come see his Mom. I saw both the Eagle parents yesterday. It said yesterday they they were going to band them this morning so I made it a point to look and saw they had changed the time. I think if you walked a mile with a bad back you did good. Hope your night goes well. Helen

rdautumnsage said...

I'm so sorry to hear you MIL is fading so quickly. On the other hand she is being realistic about the whole thing instead of playing the poor me card. I truly feel for you and your husband during this time. As for your BIL I have a feeling he won't take long coming around when it's time for the reading of the will. Keeping your MIL and your family in my prayers on the smoke!! (Hugs) Indigo

madcobug said...

Hi Julie, I did watch the banding of the eagle chicks. I thought there were only two chicks but they brought three down and banded them. Just wondering if you got a chance to watch them? Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Been praying for you and your family, and for MIL's comfort.    Got a chance to watch the eagles for a while one day, but missed the banding.   That would have been interesting.
PS:   What can I do to help with the eating issues?

cacklinrosie101 said...

It has to be extremely difficult watching your husband lose weight from stress.  This did happen far too quickly.  Your MIL is getting everything in order; usually a sign that thing won't go a long time.  I feel so much for all of you and hope that your MIL doesn't suffer severely.  Chris