Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bang Bang Bang


             I complained about my road the other day.  I live on a dirt road.  I remember when the boys were small sometimes it would be so muddy you couldn't drive in.  I remember walking in with a child on each hip, the diaper bag around my neck.  I had big rubber boots on.  One got stuck in the mud and I couldn't get it dislodged without putting down the boys so onward I trudged with mud up to my knees, one boot on, one boot off until I could put the boys down on the porch and go back for my boot.  Oh the fun memories of earlier times, LOL. 

       Anyway some neighbors from up the hill and us got together and went in on gravel.   How wonderful.  I could drive home all year round.  Then the city sent the road grader out.  Why...... the road was absolutely fine!  Over time all our gravel has ended up in the ditch.  This year the road was bad again.  And I complained.  So now, starting at 7 am I think, they are out there banging banging banging so hard my house is shaking.  That will teach her they must be thinking.  My yard flooded this year,  my basement flooded this year.  They haven't dug my ditch out in months.  I pay a huge amount of taxes.  They had better gravel also.  Don't get me going before my coffee.


   I should be able to call today and find out what my MIL's CAT scanshowed.  I was looking up failure to thrive in the elderly last night.  If they don't find something on this test I am going to ask the doctor about that.  

     My BIL called last night and was telling me he didn't get the same impression about her. Excuse me!  You talk to her a couple of times a month and want to tell me that.  Arrrgggghhhhh, better back off dear BIL.   He has been telling her he was going to move back and take care of her for the last couple of years.  She keeps saying when Bobby gets here it will all be alright.  He told me last night.... just keep her going until Christmas and I'll be moving out and make it all better.   Well guess what.  She isn't going to make it til Christmas at this rate dear BIL and stop filling her head up with all your false promises.  It hurts her.  She refuses to move in with us because she wants to believe you will come and she won't have to move out of her house.  She wants to believe you, but doesn't really in her heart anymore and it hurts her.  It's cruel. Sigh.

       Today I am mailing some packages and doing some running around.  I have to work tonight.  I also am working Saturday.  That is why I got yesterday off.  I am happy about that as it would have been so bad working last night on such little sleep.  Tomorrow I have a 3 hour class after working all night.  Give me break already.


                            Bye all, have a great day.


lanurseprn said...

I hope your road gets fixed right up.  And shame on your BIL. What a mean thing to do!  

rdautumnsage said...

Your BIL sounds like he needs a swift kick in the ass. I would tell him, your willing to take your MIL in but he has to encourage her this is the right thing to do. I really despise part time relatives. I live on a dead end so I know what it's like trying to get the city to do anything at all. They look at my street as something that is barely used. There are only 2 houses at this end mine and another neighbor, who's driveway doesn't even enter from the dead end side. So the city sees itself doing a favor for just one person us. So hell freezes over before they attempt to do any repairs. Good luck with the class after work. What where they thinking having you do a class after working all night? (Hugs) Indigo

kirkbyj05 said...

I so wish your BIL could just see yor journal.  It would shame him into doing something.  Even if it was just to put up or shut up.  How awful that he made her believe in him for so long.  I just hope he isn't neglected in his old age in the same way.  I hope their is nothing to be seen on your MIL's Cat scan...I really do!  We need some good news here in Jland for a change.  Take care Julie....I hope you have a stress free time at work.  Jeanie

springangel235 said...

Hope it is good news about your MIL and love your tags cute!

jckfrstross said...

hope it all works out with MIL:) Bil needs a boot if you ask me jerk anyway have a good week