Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Zoey's Birthday


     Zoey, aka, the Tongue, turned 8 yesterday.  At least that is what we call her birthday since she was adopted from the humane society.  No party but she did get a wonderful romp in the snow and a large Greenie.   Many more Zoey.

    Sitting here this morning and my boss called me.  Wanted to tell me the work comp nurse wanted to know why I hadn't been at my volunteer desk this week, WHAT?  Now why would they expect me to be there.  No one had mentioned,  I already have 40 hours in and am suppose to work 40 more this weekend if the doc releases me.  No calls, nothing.  I was ticked.  I called her up to find out what was going on and she told me I was suppose to show up everyday until I got my release.  What about if I get released I asked?  Then they wouldn't let me work this weekend and I make a heck of lot more working my nights on a weekend then I do days.  I told her I would call the doc and see if he could tell me what my MRI shows.  It is is the patellofemerol syndrome he is going to release me to work so I will work my weekend and if it isn't that I will work the rest of the week starting tomorrow at my wonderful light duty job.  But if it is tear they had better get me scheduled for a repair pronto.  Can we say what we have here is a failure to communicate!  My fault also as I should have made sure what was expected of me.  Sigh.  So now I am waiting for them to call back.

    I got so much housework done yesterday.  If I didn't leave it until the last day I all the time it wouldn't be so bad but I hate housework.  Today I was looking at my couch pillows in disgust.  Whether it ruined them or not I decided to throw them in the washer on a soak cycle and then gentle wash and see what happened.  If it ruined them I would get some more, if not I would have nice clean ones again I wasn't ashamed to have on the couch.  What made me decide to get light one is the first place?  Anyway they turned out wonderful, like new.  Yippy.  I really do like them as they are a leaf theme which I have all over my house.  Back to nature sort of thing along with all my earthy pottery.

   We went out for our Monday date last night and a young couple came in.  I could tell it was a date.  The girl took at least 3 calls on her cell and one lasted around 10 minutes.  If I was the guy I would have gotten up and left.   How rude was that.  No one seems to have any manners anymore.  If she wanted to touch base with her girlfriends on how the date was going that is what a powder room is for.  Lord knows I have had to work my way past many a young lady on the phone in the can. 

   More snow predicted for tonight.  This is getting really old.  I am counting the days until spring.




lanurseprn said...

Glad your pillows came out nice!  Have a good day.

lanurseprn said...

Oh and Happy Bday to Zoey.  What's a greenie?

radar446 said...

Don't you just love it when communications break down at work.  Not like there isn't enough stress going on there already.  Happy Birthday Zoey!!


jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday Zoey:) i see no picture:( i hope the doc will tell you what is going on and quick


jlocorriere05 said...

Happy birtthday to Zoey, may she have many more! Seems like you're supposed to read minds at work too! All hospitals seem to lack communication nowadays. Yeah, that girl was rude, I would have walked out on her, can't stand bad manners! Jeannette xx  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy Birthday to your Zoe!  Grizzly has a birthday on March 6.  We know that because we knew who we adopted him from.

I can't stand miscommunication.  I wonder why they don't worry more about those who abuse their work hours.  Chris