Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My last day to work, Yippy!

    I had a busier then busy night last night, spent most of it trying to keep this lovely gentleman alive and my knee paid for it, really a small price I guess.  I always think it is better, but that is because I am not on it at the time.  Anyway I see the doc at 8 am tomorrow and he can see how it looks and feels after 12.5 hours on it.

   Hubby started talking the second I got up about the border patrol problems.  Yes I agree, why can they have camera's on every corner to catch us speeding but we can't control our boarders.  It isn't that we can't, why do they choose not to protect our boarders?  Since our government does nothing unless they get some personal benefit from it you have to wonder what perks they get that outweighs the rage of the voting public at their ignoring this obvious threat to security.  So right away, before my coffee I feel a RAGE COMING ON!

   Stop doing that to me Rick. I'll have blood pressure like you at this rate.  Its not that I don't agree, but I agree better with a nice cup of coffee in me.

   Next, my MIL has a huge bladder infection.  I knew that and have tried to get her to send a sample in and get it treated a week ago.  My problem is I still give her the choice.  I think she is at the stage where I have to say, Pee in this cup so I can run it to the doc without giving her the chance to back out.  Hopefully this will make her feel better.

  Rick has continued to work on our blower motor.  It is a pretty much enclosed bearing case but he has been spraying it with special electrical spray stuff and it is sounding so much better.  We have the temp up to 65.  Heat!  Its a good thing.  We are still ordering the part but hope to limp this one along until spring in case it doesn't go as planned when we take the old one out and replace it.  But we want the part here in case the fan falls into a million pieces like it sounds like it is doing at times.  Prayer does work in case you ever wondered.

   Stop by Ravens journal to read about this amazing young artist whose art is inspired by her believe.  She is truly talented.  I would personally freak if I had such a gifted child.  What could I possibly teach her of any importance except how to slurp spaghetti through her teeth.  My son couldn't believe I taught my granddaughter that.  We had alot of fun learning that important life skill I tell you and the giggles were well worth the mess.

    Well is sounds like the wonderful meal Rick has made is done.  I have a feeling I am closer to my first 10 pounds.  I will find out Sunday.  Bye all.  Stay warm.  If you haven't signed up for the tournament stop by and check it out.  Fun times.


inquestoftruth said...

That child is truly gifted!!!   Oman, I'd love that pic of heaven or the blue one she was painting at the end of the clip.    I'd heard of her before, but had never seen her work.    Now....Wow!!!
Yeah, Rick....   don't get Julie's blood boiling first thing in the mornings!!!

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


lanurseprn said...

I totally agree with you on the border issue.  It's a BIG problem here being only 3hrs from Mexico.  Somebody is getting a kickback somewhere.  Cause we could lock it up if we wanted to.
Hope your knee feels ok.  Have a good week.

kirkbyj05 said...

The child is spookily gifted Julie.  
As for the spaghetti slurping ?   My granchildren and I got a tap on the head off their mum for doing that at the table....Lol!
Its great fun...isn't it?
Good luck with the Doc's in the morning and stay warm.  Praying that your motor and fan last 'til the warmer weather too.   Jeanie

cacklinrosie101 said...

Glad you have a week to give your knee a rest.  Hope your doctor's appt. is productive.  Raven is amazing.  Not only is she bright but she totally has a sense of humor and such a big heart.  I have to laugh at Rick and his news updates.  Reminds me so much of my BF calling me at work every morning and updating me.  Have a great week off...Chris

springangel235 said...

Enjoy that time off and take care of your it totally!!  Hugs and love,

rebuketheworld said...

Oh, your hubby. It must be a pain at times, to have this serious convos early in the morning but you both are passionate people. So, the topics do stir the blood levels. The mornings are always like a hammer. With 5 kids, its not like I get to have Zen mornings,lol.

Hey, thanks for posting my article. I didnt know you did that. She is an amazing artist, poet and piano player. A kid like that would be crazy in a good way. Quite the inspiration for sure. ~Raven