Saturday, February 24, 2007

The storm is coming

    I miss my dragonfly that used to pose for me and I got some great shots of.  I miss green grass and warm sun on my face.  The fresh smell of my garden while I work on my flowers.  The breeze in my face as I soar down the hill on my bike.  Today....its cold freezing rain.  Predicted to turn to snow, lots of it.  They are telling us to freeze some water and get your batteries ready.  I have the making for chili and beans soups.  I have a new Carl Hiaasen book, Nature Girl to keep me occupied.  With a good book you can forget the weather outside.

   I got my MRI yesterday.  Getting the knee done is so much nicer then getting the neck done like I usually have.  No hyper ventilating from being in an enclosed place.  Still the terrible racket, but much better.  I tried to get the tech to tell me what he found, no luck.  So I said, just tell me this, should I rest my knee until I see the doctor or try to work the pain out, darn man just smiled and said, nice try!  ARRRGGGGHHH.  Darn rules. 

    In the old days I would have known because we took care of our own in the hospital.  Professional courtesy.  Doctors gave us discounts, scripts for our infections.  Lab let us know our biopsies were benign so we didn't have to wait a week in fear.  Good days.  No more though.  Now I think rules are important but we have gone to the extreme sometimes.  I don't want to wait a week to find out, WAAAAAAAAA.

   OK enough moaning and groaning.   I haven't been talking about my diet lately.  Still struggling along.  Right now I am concentrating on getting my cholesterol down along with losing some weight.  I read that Fiber One was the absolute highest in fiber to keep you full longer.  So that was my breakfast.  On top was 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to boost my metabolism and some walnuts to reduce my cholesterol.  The cinnamon will also help you lower your cholesterol. 

   The power program people sent the lab results to my doctor by the way, who promptly called me and wanted me to come in so she could put me on a med to lower my cholesterol.  I politely declined and explained I wanted to try and lower it myself first.  I think it is probably better then it was and then I told her about my doctorless year I was attempting.  She laughed!  She is going to have a baby soon though and I want to see how cute she looks so when Rick goes in I am tagging along.  Unfortunately he hasn't been able to be doctorless.  Of course I am seeing my work comp doc but that doesn't count.  I am not paying for a doctor this year if I can help it.

   The knee is sore but the swelling is down.  I wore my brace last night which helps get the swelling down.  Since I wasn't able to take my fluid pills while I did my light duty job I am making up for it today with some extra lasix.  The first day I did the job I took my fluid pill.  The washroom is about a block away.  Doesn't seem far but when you take a fluid pill and it starts to work you had better get there fast.  So I would go, then return to my desk, by the time I got back I would have to go again.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I know the women at the main desk were wondering what the heck I was up too.  So I didn't take it the rest of the week. Now I look like a balloon.  I can't get my rings off and the pillow wrinkles in my face are sticking around all day.  Very attractive.  I need to get back to my routine.  I figure I am up at least 5 pounds in fluid.  So that will be my day.  List things for the store and become very familiar with my washroom.  But I should be breathing better and feeling better by tomorrow.

  Well, off I go.  I have one package to mail before I take my lasix.  Since they messed up on my check and it was the same amount I usually make in a day I am hoping sales in the shop are good as it will be a long two weeks until I am paid again.  Bye all.


jlocorriere05 said...

I love the dragonfly! Sorry you have such bad weather on it's way. I'm trying to lose weight, it's hard but we'll get there! Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Geez, Julie, it must be difficult being a nurse and also being treated.  Is it the HIPPA laws the prevent them from letting you know?

Now, Julie, I know it's a nightmare being on a diuretic and being away from the bathroom but that's really something you shouldn't stop taking.  LOL...Dr. Chris here.  My BF also declined cholesterol meds and did real well lowering it with his diet.  

We are also expecting an ice storm.  I am just so tired of it and keeping thinking spring.  Chris

quiltsnroses said...

You remind me of Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin when she is walking in the rain and saying "I want to wear sandals, I want to go to lunch".  This is now what my sister and I say to each other when we are sick of the dreary weather and want to have just a little more fun in our lives!  Hope your knee is better really soon!

rbrown6172 said...

i love that dragonfly!!!  it looks like he is preforming, holding a microphone.  lol  hopefully, they can find what's wrong with the knee and get it cured....i hear oatmeal helps lower cholesterol.

radar446 said...

I remember that little fellow.  He showed up several times last spring if I'm not mistaken.  Sorry that you are having to wait for the results of your MRI.  I hope everything turns out well.