Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What would we do without Pets.

                        What would we do without Pets? 


   Weren't they cute.  Pets are good for your health.  I had to stick my cute dog on the end of that.

   Was woke up this morning my by MIL.  She is just feeling so sick from all the meds she is on.  She has lost 6 pounds since she was in the hospital because she can't eat.  We have tried breaking up the meds so she isn't taking them all at once but it isn't helping.  Tomorrow she sees the doctor and they had better do something.  I typed up a list of questions for Rick to ask the Doctor.  I wish I didn't have to work so I could go with them.  She is going to see her lawyer and have me made medical durable power of attorney so I can manage her medical problems better.  Because of law I can't get any information unless she signs the papers each time and if she gets so she isn't able I wouldn't be able to without this form.  I told her to have both Rick and me made that.

   I hate that she feels so bad.  Her one big joy at her age was food.  It is driving her nuts that she can't eat.  We have increased her boost to twice a day and I told her to just sip it all day so she doesn't get sick.

   My knee feels wonderful today.  Just like that.  I do have to work tonight but I think it is slowly getting better.  When I can start back to the gym I am going to ask a trainer which exercises I can do to strengthen my knee.  I see the Doc again on Thursday.


kirkbyj05 said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL.  Poor angel!  How awful for her. I hope they soon get her sorted out and back to feeling much better.
Your doctor should be able to give you some quadricep exercises whilst sitting in a chair to help build up your muscles around your knee.  My daughter was given some once when her knee cap moved about too much because she needed them building up after damaging her knee.     Stay well....Jeanie

kirkbyj05 said...

p.s.   The photos didn't come through for me until I exited comment mode....these photos are just so cute.  What about the one in the window?   And the other marmalade one asleep on its back with his little paws just so...I could go on...they were fab!   Thanks for sharing. xx

jckfrstross said...

cute pics:) hope mil is ok have a good week and stay warm


radar446 said...

Those are great pictures!!!  The two cats strangling each other looks like my two.  Good to hear your knee cleared up so quickly...Just to be safe, take it easy this time.


nightmaremom said...

awesome!!  too cute :)

blazensun said...

Julie I hope you MIL feels better soon. You all will be in my prayers.

jlocorriere05 said...

I love those pics! Sorry your MIL isn't doing well. I hope the doctor can help her with her eating. It's nice to hear your knee is improving too. Jeannette xx  

innxdoor said...

Sounds like you had a half and half day. Sorry your MIL feels puny but meds will do that when you hve to take a bunch. I dislike mine but I have to remember to eat something or my stomach goes ballistic afterwards.
Yep, know the power of attorney stuff. Had to do all that with my mom and good thing we got son and me on because once they declaired her alzheimers 2 they said No more POA's. Bless your heart you have your hands full and the knee don't help...I wish you a speedy recovery. You pics are adorable, I just got a  little 8 week old white husky so I am amazed at what she chews on! Fun to watch tho but she is growing too fast  :))))) Doreen

lanurseprn said...

Very cute pet pictures!  I loved them!  Sorry your MIL is still feeling bad.  Hope she feels better soon.
Glad to hear the knee is healing.  Good job!

ilovejesus925 said...

These pictures are sooooo cute!  Thanks for brightening my day!  I LOVE animals!

rebuketheworld said...

PRAYING FOR MIL AND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Raven