Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hi Everyone

    The sweet williams above are one of my favorite flowers.  They bloom a long time and come in many colors plus they come up every year which I like.  Can't wait until I see them again.

   I have been very busy so far this morning.  Ended up not doing anything I had planned to do yesterday as we took my MIL grocery shopping and then went shopping ourselves.  I was pretty concerned about my MIL as she just looks pale and vague these days.  No spark.  I want her to go back to the doctors on a day I can go.  It wore her out completely just shopping.  She has me worried.  She is still stubborn though and won't even talk about moving in here or to an apartment.  Darn woman.

    So today I did a lot of listing in the store and some packing on some items I sold.  I need to take pictures the rest of the day.  I also did my groin management class.  It is a very good program in case any nurses reading this want the link.  If you work with heart caths alot it is a lot of great information and its on line.

   Rick is gone so I am enjoying a little break.  He likes to visit with me while I am trying to work listing my items to the store.  I have to watch it as I will start typing in what he says.  Now he is out walking the dog.  

   Zoey is going to be 8 years old on the 26.  I can't believe she has gotten that old already.  Yesterday we saw a brown baby lab and it looks like Zoey as a baby.  We bought her a Greenie to have on her birthday, nope, no surprise party planned here, LOL. 

   We are having a heat wave today.  It is in the 30's and things are melting.  Muddy mess when you live on gravel but I don't care, warm.  We are even going to grill a steak.  I haven't had one for along time.

   Now for my knee.  Feels better today actually.  Maybe the prolonged rest is the ticket.  Still hurts alot to go up or down stairs or squat down but it doesn't seem as swollen.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I don't see the doc again until friday.

   I have been visiting all the journals and enjoying the flowers and pictures.  It is like passing spring along until it can actually catch up.  Keep them coming.  I can almost smell them.

   Well, break time over.  Back to listing. Can't sell the item if I don't show the item, LOL.  Hey, anyone have anything they want to sell drop me a line.  In this line of work you are always looking for inventory.


jlocorriere05 said...

Zoey's gorgeous! Pets seem to get old so quickly don't they? I love sweet Williams too. I agree, lets keep posting pics of flowers and try to hurry spring along! I'd worry about your MIL too, she seems to be confused. It's not the meds she got from the doctor last time is it? I know from personal experience how many side effects they can have. Did you let Rick help with the groin management class?! Lol! I'm pleased your knee is feeling better, maybe the sitting down all night does help, much as you hate it! Have a good week and I hope the snow continues to melt! Jeannette xx  

innxdoor said...

Great news the knee is getting rested. About your MIL, well you will get a nice set of wings when your days are ended for your interest and concerns for the lady. My Mom is 90, for years I have tried and tried to get her to move in with us, move in with anyone in the family because of her age and health. It took her going blind with the macular, and having alzheimers and diabetes to finally convince her to move in with us because the rest of the family wanted to put her in a home and it left her pretty much with NO choice! Now I have her here and yes, darn woman, they are fiesty and as stubborn as an ox. Yikes,  it's a non stop job because she fell last week and has to have surgery on her shoulder. She pretty much can't do anything for herself now so my days on the computer are numbered and I have little time for seeing my grands or my son. Today is my grand Ashley's 13th. BD and for 2 days I have sat here dressed to go with gifts in hand and called and called and the house phone ringer is shut off and the other, my DIL's cell phone,  only gives me her answering machine  and none of my calls are yet returned so I cannot even give her her gifts nor did we get an invite to go to her party and her BD dinner, the first time in years too. So you didn't get much of what you wanted done and I am in a holding pattern at my end just trying to see my grandkids and Baba, Grandpop, and Nana all feel pretty bummed out.  When it rains it pours!
Good luck on your store, gosh you have so many beautiful pieces.
Well I will close by saying I am glad I at least get to wish Zoey a Happy Birthday with a big hug and 2 doggie biscuits! Enjoy your Sunday :)))))))))) Doreen

madcobug said...

Zoey is a pretty shiny dog. Happy early Birthday to her. Glad your knee is doing better. Hope you MIL will get better when spring comes. Helen

itsjustme2515 said...

I haven't gotten an alert on your journal forever, then today one shows up.. by the looks of it, I've missed a lot of your posts :(  
It was warm here in Maine this weekend too.. First thing we did was grab some steaks and fire up the grill..ha! They were delicious, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did.
Not sure what happened to your knee, but I hope everything is going to be fine!



springangel235 said...

Sweet Willams are one of my favorite Aunt sent me some when my Dad died...she said that he truly loved them, but could not grow them...his name was William.  She hoped that I could give it a shot.
We had your heat wave...30's...but felt like 20's...hard to tell the difference.  Happy Pre Birthday to cute.  My Sasha just turned 9.  Glad you had a good knee day...hope it continues.  Have a great Monday...hugs and love,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Love the Sweet Williams.  I have them around my place also.  Mine have become varigated from cross breeding.  Your Zoe is a doll.  My Grizzly is pushing 11.  He is a grumpy old man.  Glad your knee is feeling better.  Chris

ladeeoftheworld said...

Happy Birthday Zoey!  They say the "heat wave" is coming to Indiana too.  I cannot wait.  Anything to melt me out of my little

kirkbyj05 said...

My mother grew Sweet Williams once and I loved the smell.  You have just reminded me of those days.   I shall plant some this year in memory of her and will also think of you too when I see their little faces apear.  I especially like this beautiful one which you took a picture of above. I will practice taking pictures of mine in the spring and summer to show you on my journal.  Glad your knee is getting better and... your shop is so interesting!  Could MIL not do with a bit of reverse phsychology and ask her to come and look after you for a little while?   Just a thought.   Stay well.   Jeanie

lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie. These flowers are so beautiful! I've never heard of them.  
Maybe you could send me the link for that class?  I do work with heart caths a lot.  Might be a good one for me to take.
I'm glad your knee is better....but what are you doing squatting and using stairs??  
SO what kind of stuff do you sell? I've got lots of goodies if you want to talk. No pottery though. Just "stuff."  Let me know.