Monday, February 5, 2007

Yes, I am a cool woman.

        I don't know if I will ever feel warm again, LOL.  I went to bed in my long johns, my sweat pants and sweat shirt, hat, gloves and socks, extra blanket and my nose was soooooo cold I could barely stand it.  We were holding out for today so I at least wouldn't have to pay weekend pay.  Hopefully we can get them out and they can just fix it.  I am off today and if they can't fix it I think chili sounds really good and a hot bath.  My bathroom has a heater, maybe I'll sleep in the tub, LOL.  Or buy a heated blanket.

   Work was so much better then the night before.  Surprisingly none of my patients watched the game.  Weren't interested.  That's a first.  But it was a good night and at least it was warm there.  Rick had to get up every 2 hours and turn the furnace on so it would run through a cycle and keep the water pipes from freezing.  Of course the stress from not getting enough sleep put him right into A-fib.  Stress or fatigue seems to trigger his attacks.

   My knee is really happy I am off today and maybe it can rest.  I have been icing it and using biofreeze all weekend.  It feels like something slips on it occasionally but it isn't as bad as it was Sat.  Saturday it went out on me when I was walking into a patients room and I almost lost my balance.  Wouldn't that have been cute....Hi I'm your nurse, plop on the floor....could you call and get me some help!  I think it will just take some time to get better.  2 more nights after this and then off again.  At least I don't have to ice it at home, just being here is ice enough.

   Well, time to sleep.  I want to be up if they come out today.  Stay warm all.


sassydee50 said...

Hi there Julie~I am visitng you from Val's journal comment. Love your butterflly photo! I hope your knee is better in a jiffy. ;-) I have a lot of respecat for RNs after my recent hospitalization for gall bladder surgery. Yah you! Come see me!;-)
Blessings, Sassy

innxdoor said...

Stay warm Julie. I hope your heater get's fixed quickly today and it's nothing that will cost you a fortune!  Mine was out some years ago...crack in the blower and they said mine was too old to find parts for soooo had to have a new one, then they blew out my a/c hooking wires up and I had to get that replaced, new wires, new thermostat, just thankful it was covered under my maintenance agreement with Sears. Now some rooms don't heat so out of pocket I need to hand them $7,000. for all new ductwork and repairs in the attic. Does anything good ever happen with old houses??  Good luck on your heating system, I hope nothing has to be replaced. Hugs :))))) Doreen

coelha said...

At least you have spring time pictures to may you feel warm!!  I would suggest buying an electric blanket!!!  Stay warm---keeping dreaming about spring!!  Julie :)

radar446 said...

There you go...looking to the positive aspects of being without heat.  I remember not too long ago, when Jennifer and I were living in the mountains while we were in school.  The heat was baseboard, and it was a lage apartment.  Right after moving in, in the middle of winter, we got out first power bill for 3 days, it was $35.00.  I called the power company to come out and check the was right.  I asked why it was so expensive...they said that it was the heat and baseboards sucked up the power.  So what if I turned the thermastat down?  They will still draw electricity.  Well shoot...I'm a college student washing cars for a living, can't afford that.  I turned those suckers off at the breaker box.  We saved a pile of money, but we lived underneath blankets.  It got so cold in there that the Ivory dish soap froze.  We lost a Beta fish (aren't they supposed to live through a nuclear holocost?).  I'm surprised the pipes didn't burst.  This lasted from December through February until it got warmer.  So, I sympathize with your situation.


springangel235 said...

Enjoy the day off, your knee...and stay warm, hugs and love,

bhbner2him said...

Love the name of your journal!!  If it were mine it would be about the loss of my mind.  ;o)  -  Barbara

jlocorriere05 said...

I love the photo of the butterfly Julie! I guess you're right in saying being at home is ice enough! I'm sure it's doing your knee good even though it's freezing the rest of your body! Jeannette xx  

rbrown6172 said...

i just love the butterfly!!!  glad you had a good night at work and the knee is feeling better.  an electric blanket is a good thing...even when your heat works.  i turn mine on just to get the bed warm before i ever climb in.  :)