Saturday, February 17, 2007

The longest Day


        Take a night worker who is used to running around.  Old enough that sitting for long stretches really makes her stiff and sore.   Sit said night worker in front of a cold outside  door that opens every couple of seconds and make her sit there for 8 hours greeting people and pushing the elevator button.  Then take said night worker and have her do chart audits for a additional 4 hours and you have one extremely mentally tired and stiff and sore old nurse.  

     I think I must have agreed with 400 people that , Yes, it is really cold out there, and Yes it is really cold and drafty in front of this door, and Yes, this was a pretty boring job, and Yes, I was still here.  I spent a hour after I got home trying to get the frozen smile off my face.  If I hadn't been so tired I would have loved a hot bath as I was chilled to the bone.  I have nothing but admiration for the volunteers who usually do that job, without pay! 

   I also got yelled at for 5 minutes by a man who couldn't find our payroll dept because I built this stupid !)#%%@#)@ building so #)(*#@* that there were probably people wandering around here that had been lost for decades.  I sweetly smiled and personally led him to our business office so he could pay his bill and told him when he came back to the desk I would help him find his car.   He never returned.  Just another lost soul wandering the halls of my hospital, LOL.

    Now today I am suppose to do a learning program called groin management.  My husband is getting a real kick out that I tell you and has offered frequently to be a live subject for me.  Ha Ha.  Jokingly he asked if we are going back to doing private duty nursing, snicker snicker.  Rolling my eyes, How many times has I heard THAT!   My co-workers where laughing and offering to trade places with me all day.  Just sit them there for 12 hours and see if they are still singing that song. 

    The good news?   Well I did get to work and make some money, that is the only good news.  The bad news?  I get to do it Monday through Thursday for 10 hours each day.  Since my knee is still so painful I don't foresee any miracle happening soon like it suddenly healing itself.  The bad thing about this.  I am suppose to do my exercises 3 times a day.  I will be lucky to get in 2 times but probably just once a day.  I could never do a desk job, well maybe I could if I had something more stimulating to do.

   I am off now until Monday.  I go to PT on Monday and then after that I go to the hospital for my new job, official greeting, elevator button pusher and let me tell you how to get to that floor.  I do like talking to people so that part wasn't so bad.  If I had slept more then 4 hours it would have been better.  If it hadn't been soooooo cold it would have been much nicer also.  Rest my knee and die of pneumonia. 

   Since I am now off the weekend I plan on getting alot of stuff listed and put in my shop.  I am having big computer problems also.  For some reason it says I have filled up my memory.  I having added anything and have very few pictures on the computer as I use photo bucket to store my pictures.  I have tried everything and even deleted programs I don't use often so try and free us more space.  I have run a spy bot to see if I have a bunch of ad ware and a virus scan.  Nothing major there.  Deleted programs I don't use often.  Still only gave me 6 %.  So I am not sure what is going on there.  I had 36% 3 days ago.  Darn computers.  It seems like since we hooked up to cable it has started so maybe that has something to do with it.  This would be a bad time to have my computer go down.

   I also am way behind on alerts.  I was too tired yesterday to read any so today I do.  Rick is making me oatmeal and then I am going to visit everyone,  take a ton of pictures and start listing, listing, listing.  I have some offers on a couple of items in the shop so have to consider if I want to sell them at that price.  Exercise my knee, do laundry, vacuum, stay warm, that is my day.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


jckfrstross said...

so what will happen if you have to have surgery? they pay you to be off right? have a good weekend


ladeeoftheworld said...

Smiling for 8 solid hours IS how we humans are!

daddyleer said...

Interesting insight into "greeting". Those who greet at any care facility are the most underappreciated souls in the team. For family they are the first and last contacts, and your mind can be in a thousand places and moods.

kirkbyj05 said...

Julie...I am sorry you have been so cold at work.  I just hate being cold!   I am a naturally hot person and if I get cold...its very painful! It just hurts right through to your bones!  I know what you must have been going through.  I wear thermals indoors some early mornings, when I get up early, and before the central heating kicks in.  Our rooms have very high ceilings and it takes a while for them to heat up.  
I love your flower tag today.  You are clever! Good luck with the investigation of your computer space.  Surely this on-line shop isn't using your space it?  Strange that it should be since then.  
At least at work you are seeing another side to life sat there on the door. Hope Mr @#)@ ## doesn't come back to haunt you next time.   Lol!  Have a lovely restful weekend.   Jeanie  

lanurseprn said...

Great so now you're gonna get pneumonia from being in the doorway.  Well....I hope you survive the week.  I feel bad for you.  

radar446 said...

Your computer issue sounds more like a virus than spyware...different things.  Do you have a virus protection software on your computer (Norton, McAfee)?  There are viruses that will bring all sorts of stuff onto your computer and kill your hard drive space.

So happy you are enjoying your job, but if you had built the building better, then you could have made it so your desk wasn't as drafty.  You should have considered that in your design.


jlocorriere05 said...

Have you tried a defrag on the computer, that should free up space, also a disk clean up could help. I laughed at the poor man wandering your hospital! Lol! You may see him again sometime if he ever finds his way back to your desk! I couldn't sit there that long either, our switch board operator sits all night for twelve hours, just answering the phone, it hardly rings at night in our hospital, \i'd be running out the door screaming after twelve hours! I hope the knee gets better soon so you can get back to normal duties. Jeannette xx  

springangel235 said...

That cold air, greeting people will not be good for your stiff and painful knee...hope things get back to a normal routine soon...hope your weekend was a good and restful one...hugs,