Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day


    Happy Valentines Day J-land.   Hope you are spending it with the ones you love.

   We were going to go to Sioux Falls today.  I wanted to get pictures of the falls in the winter with the ice and snow.  However........ it was -13 when we got up.  It is now -3 but we are having 2nd thoughts about traveling 60 miles in this weather.  Break down and your in real trouble.  I always dress for the weather and carry blankets in the car plus I have my trac phone but you never know.  I think I will leave it up to Rick.

   Rick is at his hearts doctors this morning.  He is seeing about getting his med increased plus his blood pressure is getting high.  Not surprising as he is a doom and gloom lover of all the news that is bad to hear.  I hear him sometimes yelling at the radio, LOL.  I have a basement full of water he is saving and canned goods for when the bad times come.  No wonder his blood pressure is high.  Not that I keep my head in the sand.  I know bad times are coming, I am ready to be prepared.... but I don't want to think about it all the time.

     I went for my physical therapy yesterday.  I was trying to pin them down on how long they think this will take to heal.  Don't like the fact that they keep saying...... well sometimes it take quite awhile.... Ok, how long is quite awhile, days, weeks, months!  I have to go to work tomorrow.  He has me back on a 1 to 2 hour standing restriction.  Hello...... I work 12.5 hour shifts.  They say if your willing to be patient and let your knee heal you can sometimes avoid surgery.   Believe me I want to be patient but I do not want to be fired.  I don't have to time or money to be patient.  I also am trying to find out what will happen if I just do nothing.  By that I mean just go to work and live with the pain.  I am pretty good at doing that with all my bone problems.  That doesn't sound like something they want to talk about either.  They did mention that is how people end up with needed total knee repairs done.  Tomorrow I see the doctor so we will see what he says.

    We went flea market shopping yesterday.  I found the neatest display case with heavy glass shelves that would be perfect in my kitchen to show off my pottery.  The color isn't right for my kitchen but I could easily stain it to match my cupboards.   I offered them $50.00 less then they are asking and will find out today if they accept it.  Keep your fingers crossed.  This thing cost $500.00 new.  I want it for way less.  Way less.  It has been there for awhile so I would think they would be anxious to get rid of it.  It has the prettiest lace curtain in the back.  Getting it home will be a trick but if we take out a seat or 2 in the van it should work.

   Today is my granddaughters birthday.  She is 6.  We sent her a life size stuffed dog that looks like Zoey.  She misses Zoey.  She called this morning and just loves it and named it Chloe.  They are having tons of snow and ice where she lives so she gets to stay home and play all day.  I am so glad she likes the dog as I was not to sure about it but Rick picked it out and I hated to say anything.  It was an expensive pain in the you know what to ship I tell you.


           I still haven't heard if I get to open my shop.  Sheesh, how long could it take to look at 10 items and decide.  Now I am nervous since I quit them and went to a different site they won't let me come back.  It was strictly a financial decision.  Now  I will be starting my 6 day stretch, if they let me work, and won't have the time to add my items.  I might be scarce around here for awhile.

         Well, that is all the news, fit or not that I have.  So far nothing has triggered a rage.  We might end up doing our usually tradition tonight but I bet we don't see many couples out holding hands in this weather.   Have a wonderful day all.




coelha said...

Is your honey's name "Richard" too?!  So is mine!!!  Julie :)  Happy Valentines!!!

lanurseprn said...

Have a good day today. If you do take the trip I hope everything goes well for you.
Stay warm and safe.

kirkbyj05 said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Julie.  -13 is cold!  Brrrr! I wouldn't dream of going out in weather that cold.  I just wouldn't be able to negotiate our steep hill.  Look after your knee and good luck with your on-line shop.  And try not to work too hard.....please?   Take care.  Jeanie

radar446 said...

Even though it sounds like you will freeze, I hope you were able to get to the falls.  If it ever gets cold enough long enough, I will make the trek to get some frozen falls.  I hope things work out with the store.  I can understand you being nervous since you left them previously, of course, them letting you back in will be financial on their part to.  If they deny you, then they don't get your money.  I hope the display case works out as well.  If you get it for the price you want, it will be nothing to stain it to match what you already have.


jckfrstross said...

Happy Valentines Day:) i hope that you can get a straight answer from the workers comp docs:) for me it took forever


jlocorriere05 said...

Happy Valentine's Day! The display cabinet sounds lovely, hope you get it! If you go to Sioux Falls I hope you manage to get some good pics, stay safe and drive carefully. Happy birthday to your grand daughter!  Jeannette xx