Sunday, February 11, 2007

Well its been a lazy day


      I decided to open a store on Ruby Lane again.  Ever checked it out.  Go to  That is where I used to sell around 3 years ago.  I keep saying I am going to stop but I love the hunt.  I love going to auctions and finding something neat that I know will sell.  I love making a profit.  Plus I love pottery and this way I can afford to buy the stuff I like and sell the rest.  I started the gears in motion, now just have to see if I am approved.  I forgot they did that.  They have you list 10 items and then they decide if your store will fit in.  If I had remembered that I would have made sure to list my best stuff first.  I am also going to look for a partner.  Someone who will share costs and someone to go to different auctions then me so we can hit them all.  Rick goes but hates auctions and will usually sit in the car.  He does like my pottery though.

  What I like about Ruby Lane is they don't allow fakes of any kinds.  The other stores police each other and if you start selling reproductions they are on you right away.  That is what was so bad about Ebay.  So many fakes.  It makes it bad for everyone and Ebay doesn't do anything about it especially if they sell alot and make them money.  It is all about the stock holders with Ebay.

   So that is what I did all day.  Take pictures and get ready to list everything.  That is so time consuming.  Once I get them all in then I just list as I get new items.  But starting it up is so slow.  Plus I have to make a store logo and I am so bad at that.  Come on you clever graphic artists.  I need something that says, Julia's Midwest Vintage.  Really vintage and cool looking.  I could pay you with smiles.  So keep your fingers crossed they approve me.  It takes as long as 5 days.

   The weather was warm today, 35 and I was in all day.  I did my knee exercises 3 times like a good patient and then spent the entire day taking pictures.  Now it is late and I am wide awake.  What to do.  Suduko.  My son bought me a new gameboy game of Suduko so I think I will play that and fall asleep.

   I am already so sick and tired of hearing the politicians talks.  2 years we have to listen to this.  Yikes, I may go mad.


Caution a rank coming on. WARNING, WARNING,       WARNING

    I decided to put this on the bottom so you can just click off if you don't want to read.  This is about work.  We have a no smoking hospital.  Last year they made it law you have to be 200 feet away from the hospital.  Now I don't smoke anymore, but I don't feel it should be state or city mandated where you can or can't smoke.  Just my opinion.  We get very stressed out family members and I for one am not going to tell them they have to go across the street 200 ft away to smoke.  Most people have been still smoking outside the hospital.

   Well my hospital which doesn't seem to be able to staff us half the time has hired off duty police officers to campus the grounds and ticket anyone smoking outside where they are not suppose to be smoking.  PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE.  Don't we have much better things to spend out money on?  They are always on us to cut costs, budget- budget- budget and then this.  Sorry but it gets to me.  So that is my rant.

  We have people running red lights all the time, some of the worse drivers you have ever seen.  You have to go to the police department to fill out a accident report or robbery report, but we can ticket people for smoking.  We can't catch the man that hit and ran and killed a 4 year old last year, but by God we can get those darn smokers.  Where are our priorities?  Has the entire world gone MAD?  And on that note.......



innxdoor said...

Enjoyed the post but am too tired to comment haha! How about one big ((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))) then I can go find some flannel jammies and get under the quilt..I can't shake the cold tonight and my body aches like crazy...please dont' say flu!
Hugs to you and keeping wellness for you knee in my prayers. :)))))Doreen

lanurseprn said...

Maybe the hospital is getting some kind of kickback for catching the smokers.  I agree with's NOT a priority in my book.  
Good luck on the new store being approved.  I think that is so cool!

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) i agree with you on the smokers:) good luck with the store


kirkbyj05 said...

I agree with you on the smoking issue.  There are more things to prioritise and better things to spend money on.  I smoked until 15 years ago. Cigarette smoke does affect my health if in the vicinity of smokers now, my lungs have been ruined by smoking, but I still wouldn't tell them to stub out their ciggies as I know how much they are needed in a crisis situation; and how difficult it is to give them up.  Meanwhile....Good Luck with Ruby Lane you certainly have a keen eye.  Love todays tags.  The Papaver is stunning and the kitten is for taking home and cuddling...aaah!  Jeanie

jlocorriere05 said...

Off duty policemen?! You gotta be joking! I smoke and so do a lot of parents in our childrens hospital. We have a no smoking policy but they still smoke on the front steps, nobody tells them not to. Smokers have rights too, why is it that non smokers seem to get all their rights enforced and we don't?! Employing police to stop them is a great mismanagement of funds. Good luck on the signing up on Ruby Lane. Jeannette xx  

nightmaremom said...

it's getting worse and worse.... same laws/rules here.... I'd be mighty PO'd if they spent money on off duty cops... how 'bout spending it on better care inside? Not that it isn't good care mind you... just mean there has to be better things to spend on... GRRRR

inquestoftruth said...

The cops/city can make easy money handing out easy tickets.     I agree with the no smoking bans, mostly because second handsmoke can be so harmful....I was a smoker once upon a time, but I always tried to be considerate to non-smokers.   I also agree it's a little crazy for cops to be handing out tickets for it, off-duty or not.    Funds could be put to much better use, I am certain!

rebuketheworld said...

Thats a right on the mark RANT in my opinion. Rules are always broken. They should put up large signs with beaming lights. Might cost the hospital a thousand bucks but that would be a good reminder. ~Raven

cacklinrosie101 said...

Love that website.  I love antiques but can't afford many.  I do have some antique furniture that I've managed to collect.  Hope it all goes well for you.  I do believe the smoking policy is extreme and the tickets are ridiculous.  Sounds like easy money to me.  Chris

antekrose said...

Thanks for the good & true Ruby Lane View from another shop owner!  I won't mention my name here because I'M A SMOKER --gawd forbid! AND I'm also a nurse who as yet am allowed a five minute break time when I can grab it --to grab a cigarette and relieve some built up stress!  If trying to save lives over top of the ridiculous piles of paperwork isn't stressful enough--taking away a from of stress relief (healthy or not)--is just asking for more and more people to leave this dimenishing field.