Sunday, February 25, 2007

We Got Snow


Well we have snow up to my butt.About 7 inches so far and it is still snowing and blowing. is beautiful. I woke up and looked outside to see around 10 deer pawing through the snow looking for seed. Too dark to get a picture but what a picture it would have made. I am going to get some pictures later when it stops snowing, if it does.   Then I saw 2 dogs running in the woods, a husky and a lab, they were having so much fun playing in the snow.


   My son and a friend went out to eat last night against our advice. They got 2 blocks from here and hiked back. Now his friend had to spend the night as he lives 30 miles away. Why do young people always think the warnings are for everyone but them?


I saw the cutest care bear the other day I wanted to buy for my grandson. My husband said I couldn't get it because it had a rainbow which was for gays. What? The gays get rainbows? They already got gay, a word I used alot. It really describes my mood sometimes, now they get the rainbow also? Not fair. They can have mud pie, let me keep my rainbows. I like giving rainbows. How about fluffy clouds, they can have that, I want the damn rainbow. Who made these rules? I am getting too old to keep up. Is this stuff written someplace and why does everyone seem to know before me? Sigh 


         I got a ham out of the freezer for supper tonight.  Seems like a good day for a big meal, comfort food.  Can't do anything else.  I am going to have to go shovel off the roof, if you don't with these deep snows you get a ice damn that can ruin your ceilings, I have 2 rooms with damage from 2 years ago.  Then I need to shovel my path.   My son and I think I'll recruit his friend will help but I don't like Rick to shovel.  Men should not shovel after 35 in my opinion especially with heart conditions.  Just asking for trouble.  Otherwise another lazy day listing items and reading in my book.  I hear this storm is wide spread.  Everyone take care.



jlocorriere05 said...

That's not fair that the gays get rainbows! Give them back to us, they're ours! I hope you get the snow shovelled. It does look pretty but it's just too cold for me! I love sunshine best! Jeannette xx  

madcobug said...

I have never heard that about rainbows. Give them back to us!!. Everyone should have a beautiful rainbow, not just one group. Bet that snow is pretty. Helen

ladeeoftheworld said...

We got ice.  Yuk.

I totally agree with you about men over 35 shoveling.  Teenagers okay.  Old men okay.  Women okay.  Too dangerous for our young middle aged men.

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) the gays do have the rainbow thing but i think the carebears are not gay so get for your grandson:) we didn't get any snow just cold new storm is coming on wednesday


quiltsnroses said...

Yeah, I have seen the rainbow flag flying in gay parades.  The snow isvery pretty but it is soooooo hard to live in.  I get depressed if the clouds stick around more than a day or two, like they have been this week.  But cloudy days are good days to sew on a quilt so I won't complain too much.  You take care too and don't overdo it shoveling the snow.

springangel235 said...

You did get a lot of snow...we got some too, come and see!  LOL
Hope you have a great comfort meal evening...we are doing the same.

lanurseprn said...

I don't think a rainbow on a Carebear means it's gay.  But, they do have the rainbow as their symbol. They have rainbow flags and these little rainbow stickers on their cars.  I agree with you...they should pick something else.  Once my friend put a rainbow on her car because her little girl thought it was pretty. When she found out it was a symbol for being gay she said "Oh stays!"  LOL!  
Stay warm and safe...and I hope the storm isn't too bad.

linnpooh said...

We have a ton of snow and let me tell you that I'm so over it already!!!
I'm just dropping by journals to say hi and catch up today........I will be probably be MIA in leaving comments until I get back from Disney, but wanted you to know you'll be in my thoughts and I WILL return! If something comes up that you want me to know or if you need prayers for anything.....please e-mail me, okay?

Pooh Hugs,

innxdoor said...

Are their classes to keep up with the rest of the world when you hit 60? I go shopping and ask my son if he liked this or that on me and I get told "Mom that is sooooo gay"!!!  What do you think of my new sofa? Gay gay gay!!!  Now you got carebears and the rainbows belong to the gays...hummm look I have a problem with the way the world is going...ok so they got parades, rainbows, marriages, clothes, furniture and tv shows like 5 gays and 1 straight guy, what's pets? sigh!
I use the word for happy, happy, joy, joy and now if I delve into the furniture department I have to take politically correct people with me so I know what's "not" gay or what clothes are innappropriate for my old bod!  What ever happened to "Wow that looks great" or "gee I like that on you".  I bought my puppy a lime green harness....MOM IT'S GAYYYYY!
I give up...hope the snow blows away soon and you dont run into any gay huskies pulling sleighs thru your neck of the woods! Let me know what they were wearing ok? :)))))) Doreen

innxdoor said...

Well I do think of what I put on my 3 huskys :)))))) Door

grahamfarmga said...

How fun to have snow! We dont get much here so when we do we get excited.

rdautumnsage said...

Awesome pictures of the snow!! You had me rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard about your rant on the word gay and rainbows. That was too funny!! And about kids thinking what goes on in the world doesn't effect them.....I kinda remember being that way at that age myself (winks).. Love Ya Indigo

radar446 said...

You are so lucky, however I have to ask this one thing.  How short are your legs if 7 inches of the white stuff is up to your hiney?