Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well What a Day

  I started out my day by going to physical therapy this morning and then seeing the doctor.  My knee was more then a little sore from my short hike yesterday at the falls.  But slowly I think it is getting better.  It isn't popping quite as loud but walking up and down stairs is still painful and getting down on my knees wouldn't be something I would do willingly.  Anyway the Doctor increased my restriction from 1 to 2 hours standing to 2 to 4 with no squatting or getting on my knees, no danger there, LOL.  Problem is when I called my boss to let her know it turns out they won't let me work with these restrictions.  I was afraid of that.  They are going to work me but not doing any nursing.  I am going to sit in front of a elevator and direct people to where they are going......for 12.5 hours!  Can you say looooooooonnnnnnngggggggg boring day! I start at 8:15 in the morning, gee, I haven't done days in years.  No shift di this way.  I told my boss I would do telemetry, work more days only 8 hours, do chart edits what ever it took so I could get some hours in while I let my knee heal.  Please please PLEASE let it heal soon. 

    My therapist still thinks it is a tear and she thinks I should get a MRI, the doctor thinks it is the patela and thinks it just needs to rest and keep doing my exercises.  I think it is costing me a fortune is missed hours and I should have kept my mouth shut and just dealt with the pain.  So I am not going to work tonight after all.  Whaaaaa. 

   So of course I did not buy the shelf.  Even as low as they went I am not spending any money that way right now.  I should be saving it for my furnace anyway.  Sigh. 

    I have been spending the last 2 hours listing items in my shop.  I figure at this rate by next month I will have everything listed.  That is the bad thing about selling on line.  Thanks to Elizabeth for my first sell, Yippy.  Now to find a partner. 

    My camera is messing up again.  It says I have no pictures on it but if I hook it up there are 4 pictures showing up.  I don't seem to be able to erase them.  It did this before but I finally got rid of them so will have to get the manual out again and remind myself how I did it.   Memory like a steel trap here.  So that's my day.  Now for my rant of the day.  Can't get by without one.


   I have been hearing so much in the news lately about how the USA is trying to get Iran and Iraq in a war.  What!  Have we forgotten they came here and attacked US, not once but twice they bombed the Trade Center.  Have we forgotten 9-11?  Does anyone really think if we back off and stop now they will stop coming over here and attacking us?  Or any of the other countries they have been attacking and blowing up?  And these weren't soldiers they murdered here.  These were civilians, mothers, children, fathers.  Innocent people just going to work and doing their job.  I personally don't think they will stop until all that don't believe as they do are dead.  It makes me so mad.   They ATTACKED US, THEY ATTACKED US, THEY ATTACKED US.   Is this going to be like the Holocaust?  People are now saying that never happened?  Are we going to forget this also?


   Like the artist who made the picture below I will never forget it, never.

Contributed by: Leonardo Oosthuizen

   So on this rant and rave I will close so I can make supper and then get back to listing everything.  I really do want to say Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Man.  Please dear God.



kirkbyj05 said...

You are so right when you say they wont stop Julie.   They are too indoctrinated in their own sectarian beliefs. We must always be vigilant.   And never forget.  Jeanie

jckfrstross said...

if its workers comp they should pay you right? you need to check it out. have a good weekend


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope your knee heals quickly so you can get back to proper work! Sorry you had to miss out on the shelf. Jeannette xx  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Do you get the feeling that employers take a silent revenge against those that file Workman's Comp claims and give the employee the most mindless tasks?  I've experienced this and heard many others say the same.

Rant on....I'm just so literally sick of the middle east.  Chris

springangel235 said...

Maybe the MRI is not a bad idea...either way you go...I hope it gets better...have a wonderful weekend...don't over do things...get some rest.