Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yah, my week off starts today!

   Once again I have survived a week of work and now can reap the benefits of a week off.  I really need it as we were short every single night and I am soooooo tired.  

   The young mother's CHF was caused they think,by the hospital she was in running in 7 bags of IV fluid when she had her C-section.  That is good new because it is probably reversable and her EF which shows how good her heart is working is good.  I am happy about it.  They had her new baby up today and what a cutie.

   Dan is still slowly getting better but I still don't like the way his foot looks and he still can't walk on it.  He pushed the doctor to let him come home but I think a few more days on IV antibiotics wouldn't have hurt.

    I am off the Advair now and after I work out at the gym when I get up I am going to take some lasix as my legs are really swollen.  I weigh in on Friday and don't want to have all this fluid on board.

   Well, I am off to bed.  I will only sleep until noon as I have to get a package ready to mail and want to hit the gym for some much need exercise.  Pump me up.  Talk to all later.



treesrgreen78 said...

Julie have a good week off  sounds like you really deserve it.  Take time for you.  I hope Dan's leg continues to improve and all will be ok with it.  God bless.


wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, enjoy your week off, and hit the then you will do well on friday's weigh in. So glad Dan is slowly, but surely recovering.Let us know how the weigh in goes.Good luck

inquestoftruth said...

I am so jealous of your work schedule....well....only the weeks off, that is!  lol   I'm happy to hear the young girl may be just fine!   Very good news.   Enjoy your week, and get that work out done!!!!  :)   (Let me go look in the mirror when I yell "Get that workout done!!")

jckfrstross said...

enjoy the day:) glad the mom is going to be ok


lanurseprn said...

So GLAD that young mommy did well.  Thanks to your good nursing!