Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another really really really Hot day!


  First of all I want to say  for your words of support.  To tell the truth I still have such a problem with this.  My old doctor told me I had CHF, but he was so old and ready to retire that I just really didn't believe him.  I just have trouble with fluid retention.  I am thinking my new Dr is just looking at my history and saying the same thing.  There is a lab test they can do to see if you are really in CHF and as far as I know I haven't had that done.  So how could they be sure?  Anyway I did my lasix yesterday and am going to spend the morning doing it again today because I still can write my name in the swelling in my legs.  Since it is going to be extremely hot today I also am going to fill my fancy swimming pool up and chill in it outside with some ice tea.  I am suppose to limit my fluids according to my doctor, I probably got into trouble trying to have more points then anyone else on our challenge, but I know I need to not get too dry.  Last night I had horrible stomach cramps.  Usually I get terrible leg cramps from the lasix, but not stomach.  Just one thing after another. 

    I am not going to step on a scale for awhile.  It is too depressing.  I knew I was in trouble yesterday as my weight was up really fast again.  It should be better today, but it just get so depressing to go up and down so much.  I JUST WANT TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT AND HAVE IT STAY OFF!                                                                 

   OK, I have not gotten my weight watcher books.  I checked the tracking and it was sent on the 26th.  I paid priority mail and it is 4 days today if it comes.  It would be great if it comes on my days off so I can get a good handle on it before I go back to work.  Also I have been reading my new book, Marley and Me and it is so funny.  Sounds alot like my dog when she was young.  I recommend this book.

    Another thing I am having trouble with is my graphics.  The animation doesn't work on half of them.  Is anyone else having trouble? It just started happening when I started using AOL picture saver.  When I used photo bucket they all worked so I guess I will go to them for my graphics and the AOL photo storage for my pictures.  Also what is everyone doing to stay cool today?

   Well, I guess I had better take my pill and get started.  Have a great day everyone and don't let the heat get you down.  I plan on laying around like a fat cat and keeping cool.




sugarsweet056 said...

On the sure you have  .gif  typed in after file name BEFORE saving them or you lose animation. I've had no probs with my animation so far.
You need to drink enough water...but not TOO much under your circumstances. Your a nurse, you know what to do. Don't let wanting to lose weight make you sick!
The pool & ice tea sounds good, wish I was there to join you! WOO HOO!
I've heard good reviews about Marley & Me...I'd like to get that book!
Stay away from scale for awhile, you're right. Just concentrate on getting better, eat sensibly, exercise moderately, & don't worry about the rest for now!
Have a good day!

jckfrstross said...

ok i missed something what is chf? its hot here also i am fried:)


inquestoftruth said...

Well, I'm just getting caught up on your journal, and WOW...a lot has been going on with you...   Have you tried sitting down with this new dr. and telling him your concerns that he's just going on past history?    Doctors (as you know) don't always know everything and don't always make the right diagnosis....  I'll certainly keep you in my prayers, and you hang in there!   You'll get straightened out.... and if the scales are too depressing, you made the right decision to keep off of them.   Get your other problems taken care of...that's enough worry for right now.  (though I know losing weight is an issue you'd like taken care of...)

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, I weighed myself yesterday and was 6 1bs heavier, today dropped to 3 1bs lighter, and i have been told to only weigh myself at the same time each week for a correct reading, so don't bother with scales, you know it is fluid retention, and all the hot weather. Just eat the right foods and drink water and you will soon feel your clothes loosen, rather than go by weight. I look slimmer at the moment, but dont always feel it. we seemed to be ruled by our attitude to it, but I know you are going to get  there, and hope the docs will let you have the correct test.
Good luck, keep smiling like that lovely cat...looks very