Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good Morning everyone!

    We were out taking pictures Friday and look what I found, another bike trail.  It is new and I am not sure if it is open yet but we are going to check it out.  Looks great.  However my van is broke down and that is how we haul our bikes.  Unless I leave from home and tackle all the hills on the way back.  Since it is suppose to be close to a 100 again today I probably won't ride.  I sure wish I had central air.

   I am still down 5 pounds 4 ounces.  My ankles look much better.  The fluid retention creeps up on you so slowly you don't know your in trouble until it is too late. I am lucky as I have had so much fluid on board before it went to my lungs and I had lots of problems breathing.   I only had to use my rescue inhaler once yesterday, but it helped so I think that is the way to go.   I did tell the doctor I was very sensitive to steroids but we were hoping the low dose in the inhaler wouldn't bother me.

    Celebrating my loss I only had slim fast for breakfast and I will bring one to the auction.  I don't want to miss a meal and they last for hours so I won't be able to eat until tonight.  We are grilling steaks for supper and I want to hit a farmers market and get some fresh veggies to grill with it.  Not quite corn time though darn.

   I am going to an auction today and tomorrow.  I have to get some new items for the shop and there are some great sales going on this weekend.  Lots of beautiful pottery and depression glass, and some great prints, Maxfield Parrish, some Fox, I can't wait.  I love a good sale.  Wish me luck that I can buy cheap and sale for a profit.  I need to fix my van.

    The fuel rail is out in the van and my air isn't working right in my car.  When it rains it pours.  Why the air!  It's hot out, why not the heater.  Anyway I need to get some quick cash and sometimes a $200 investment in the right items will give me a $700 or more profit.  I want to double my investment at least and tripling it would be nicer.  Once I bought a vase for $5.00 and sold it for $2200.00.   I wish that would happen everyday, LOL

   Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend.  If cemetaries don't bother you check out my bike site.  We have a great cemetary here and I took some pictures.


madcobug said...

The bike trail look great. Hope you find some more bargains like the $5.00 one.

lanurseprn said...

What a great bike trail!!  Hope you find some good items to sell.  I really enjoyed your cemetary entry, too!

springangel235 said...

What a great trail that is...sounds like fun.  You are doing great on your diet...proud of you!!!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend...enjoy!!
Hugs and love,

inquestoftruth said...

I wish I could get as excited as you about riding my bike...I do like to ride, but haven't bothered to get on it one time this summer  (so far)   We have a bike rack that attaches to the back of the car.  It's not expensive, and works just fine.     Those are very nice pics...on all your journals!