Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot and Steamy

     It is 9 in the morning and already hot and steamy out.  Going to be wicked today, over 102 and humid.   Already my asthma is kicking in big time.   Going to be sweating off some pounds today. 

     I just bid on a weight watchers starter kit that includes the calculator.   I hope it includes instructions as I have no idea what they mean when they say they count points.   This auction gets done in 11 hours.   Maybe I should have just gone to a WW around here and bought them but I don't want the hard sell to join.  To expensive.

   It turned out the pot I bought was Weller's Forest which is really good.  One just sold for $150.00.   Mine does has a small tight hairline so I am listing it for quite abit less but should still make some good money on it.  So that makes me happy this hot and sticky day.

    I have a class today from 11:30 until 2:30.   All of the power was down for 5 hours in our downtown today, including the jail and mid-american power company.  I was hoping my class would be cancelled.  But, since I only have air in the bedroom hanging around in air conditioning won't be bad.  When I get back I am going to fill up the kids pool and hang around in the backyard to stay cool.   Supper is going to be a cold one again tonight.  I should make some potato salad.   I have a great recipe for red and sweet potato salad that is low cal and really tasty.  Have to dig it out of the archives.

   My weight is staying the same now.  I was up a total of 6 pounds in fluid.  I am having a few more problems with my asthma now that I am off the advair, but the albuterol is helping so I will stick with that.  Soon this heat wave will be done and the dog days of summer will be a memory.  Snow is just around the corner.   Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


jblackb566 said...

That's great Julie. I am glad you found the cause of your water weight gain. There are a lot of meds out there today that will cause you to gain weight. And you know what - they never seem to remember to list it as a possible side effect. the Weight Watchers Manual will explain the points and the kit should include a list of what fods are how many points. My Mom did WW for a while and made a copy of her book for me. Its not to hard to follow. I jsut never got into it that much.

Thanks for the comment - It really does feel great to see that darn scale going down! And I am jealous of your haul form the auction. The teapot is absolutely beautiful!


inquestoftruth said...

I'm an expert on Weight Watchers....just ask anything you don't understand.   I'll be happy to help you

lanurseprn said...

I hope you stay cool! Good luck on the auction.