Thursday, July 20, 2006

Postcard game

   I want to play the postcard game also.  It is going around and I read about it first on and then Sugars journal.  You send me your address and I'll send you a postcard from Sioux City, Iowa, yippy, and then you send me one from your hometown or state.  It will be neat to get them from all over.

  The weather is cooler here today and I slept until 9:54, wow lazy bones.  I was reading my email and came across a interesting entry on the asthma board.  It seems advair causes leg cramps in alot of people!  Here all those weeks of those terrible leg cramps and me blaming it on my bike riding and all along it was the Advair.   And I have not had any cramps in my legs since I went off and I thought it was just I was finally in better shape.  You just have to be really good about reserching the meds your on.  I thought I had read all the potential side effects and adverse reaction but I never heard about these problems.

    Heard this on Paul Harvey this morning.  Are you drinking Fiji water?  Latest studies show the arsenic in that water is high.  Not higher then acceptable, but still high.  Cleveland Ohio who went all out cleaning up their water supply and can boast 0 arsenic in their water.  So really watch your expensive bottled waters.  You really don't think they come from some pure mountain springs do you?  And just because it is an expensive one doesn't mean it is the best.  If you took all the money you spent on bottled water you could buy a all house system and drink filtered water from your own tap.

   Since I slept so late this morning I am going to wait to go to the gym until this afternoon.  They have a class on the weight machines from now until noon.  I start my work week tonight, my days of leasure are at a close.  Of course now the weather is getting cooler, all the bike rides I will miss, all the fishing.  Oh well,  next thursday will come fast enough.

    I am feeling down right thin this morning, or as thin as someone my weight can feel.  I will have to weight myself.  I didn't win the WW package so will keep trying.  I wanted that one because it included the calculator which sounded cool but Meg, thanks Meg, has offered to answer any of my questions when I get the books.  I forgot to mention, when I weighed in at work last week she about dropped when she saw I was down 5.  I explained about the being off the drug.  So much nicer then going up.

    Last night we went to Sweet Fannies to listen to live Jazz.  They had a young man who played the trombone.  What a good job he did.  I am glad to see the young muscians are learning it.

   Well that is about all the rambling on I will do.  I have to get hold of some people about postcards and I want to go on ebay and get some WW book.  Also we heard the prices on having a shop on ebay are going up, alot, so I am thinking about doing an auction on all my items and closing shop.  Nothing brings what it is worth on their anymore anyway.  But it isn't getting any cheaper to buy the items, in fact that has gone way up.  You used to be able to pick the good pottery up for a reasonable price.  Now you can't sell it for what you had to pay for it on ebay.  Maybe I'll go back to Ruby Lane.  I loved selling there.

   By all, send me postcards OK!  Sign my questbook also.



sugarsweet056 said...

Did you send me your address yet? I have had about 20 so far in the past hour send me their addresses!  So much fun! Can hardly wait to start getting cards!!!!!!
Hugs, Sug

inquestoftruth said...

I'm glad you figured out what was causing the leg cramps....hopefully you won't have to go back on that med again!    I understand you can go into a WW place and buy the kit without joining...but I'm 100% sure.    I'm sure they can be found, though.  

inquestoftruth said...

I meant to say I'm NOT 100% sure if you can go into a WW meeting and get the kit, but I've heard you can.

jckfrstross said...

yours in the mail today:) what fun huh:) have a good day


robinngabster said...

I have to giggle when I see this entry.  I started the post card game back in June!!!   And it has spread like wildfire.  I am so glad so many people are having fun with it...I never knew when I did my entry it would spread.  

Love your journal!  Stop by sometime...